Bat Removal & Control

Bat Removal & Control

Bats are unique, often misunderstood creatures. The bat is the only mammal considered to be a true flying mammal, equipped with hand-like wings that keep it in the air as it hunts. Nine different species of bats reside in Michigan, with one species, the endangered Indiana Bat, considered a rare species. Bats are not aggressive toward humans. They are nocturnal creatures who subside mostly on insects – particularly those species of insects that fly.

Though typically harmless and non-aggressive, bats become a great burden to Detroit metro residents when they gather in human living areas. Bats can gather in great numbers, (called a bat colony) in attics, where they will make excessive noise and leave their droppings (guano) throughout the dwelling. For instance, Michigan’s most-spotted bat, the Little Brown Bat, has a wingspan of less than a foot when fully extended, and can easily squeeze its way into the attic of a home. When companies that specialize in bat control enter a Detroit area home or attic, they’re often confronted with dozens of bats infesting the home.

Bat guano can be very dangerous when it collects in human dwellings. A fungus called histoplasmosis grows in the guano, and can be extremely dangerous to humans when inhaled. Bats are also one of the main animals that carry the rabies virus. Diseases and hygiene hazards aside, bat guano is incredibly odoriferous and unpleasant, and having bats around is extremely unpleasant for most people.

A bat colony can take up residence and prosper in your attic for some time before you even notice. They only need a very small space to enter and gain full access to your attic. If the conditions are favorable to breeding and habitation for the bats, they can live there for weeks. Bats are quieter than larger animals, and you may not know they’re there until you notice their droppings coming down from the attic area. It’s also very possible that a bat may get lost and enter the living area of your home, which can be just as scary for the bat as it is for your family!

Poisoning or exterminating bats is not a good idea. Many bat trappers and bat control companies in the Detroit area will attempt to kill bats in your home with toxic substances. If bats die in your walls or attic, the stench problem in your home will be worsened. If bats are present in large quantities in your home, trapping them is also not an option. Bats need to be removed in a safe, humane way by a trained professional.

Michigan Wildlife Removal can help you get rid of your bat nuisance problem in a cruelty-free way that’s safe for your family. We have taken care of many bat problems for residents of the Detroit Metro area, and are confident in our ability to help you with your bat nuisance. Please give us a call at (734) 629-5997 for Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston Counties or (248) 468-1617 for Oakland, Macomb, St Claire Counties for a free consultation, and let our professionals help you!