Mole Removal & Control

Mole Removal & Control

Moles are not typically aggressive toward humans in the way that groundhogs are. They will, however, leave ridges and complicated tunnels throughout your lawn. When moles come up out of the ground, or dig close to the surface, they push up the grass and dirt on the surface of the lawn. These pushed up areas are called “mole hills”. You’ve likely seen a molehill or two if you own a house near or in the Detroit metro area.

Moles create tunnels for food as well as habitation. Since they are mostly blind, they use their claws to dig through the ground in search of insects and worms, which make up their diet. They don’t eat plant roots or flowers found in your garden, so you can be sure eaten plants aren’t the work of a mole. They will, however, tunnel through the roots of the plants, killing them.

There is virtually no trap available on the market to catch a mole without killing it. Many sources suggest filling a mole’s burrowing hole with kitty litter, which will leave kitty litter all over your lawn. You could also stomp in the molehills or remove the earth from the hill, which will leave large holes in your yard.

If you want to get rid of a mole infestation in the Detroit metro area, your best bet is an experienced, qualified professional. The experts at Michigan Wildlife Removal will help you diagnose a mole problem, will catch the pesky mole, and will release him to dig elsewhere. You can be confident that the pesky mole digging through your yard will dig elsewhere!

Give Michigan Wildlife Removal a call at (734) 629-5997 for Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston Counties or (248) 468-1617 for Oakland, Macomb, St Claire Counties, and rely on the work of seasoned mole trappers to get rid of nuisance moles in the Greater Detroit area.