Opossum Removal & Control

Opossum Removal & Control

You’ve likely seen opossums scurrying out and about. They are plentiful here in the Detroit metro area. They’re also the only marsupials that live on the North American continent. They have plenty of young and are capable of eating just about anything they can get their hands on to survive.

You’re probably familiar with the world’s most famous marsupial, the kangaroo. Like kangaroos, opossums have a belly pouch, which they use to carry and feed their young directly after birth. The young stay with the opossum, feeding on one of the mother opossum’s many nipples until the babies scoot each other off individually. The last few opossums will eventually go off into the wild by themselves.

If you have seen an opossum out and about, it’s most likely been at night. They have a long, rat-like tail, and many people confuse them for large rats at first. They are 2-3 ft long, and can get up to around 15 pounds.

If you see an opossum eating, it’s likely dining on trash, other nocturnal creatures such as smaller rodents, or carrion. Though it’s more likely for the opossum to dine on meat, they will also eat grasses and small plants.

Other cool Opossum Facts:

  • One well-known expression is, “playing possum”. Opossums actually do lie very still and play dead when attacked or approached by an enemy.
  • Their long, prehensile tails are used for assistance in climbing, and grabbing with their opposable thumbs.
  • Opossums have 50 teeth, the most of any land mammal.

Since opossums only live for about 2-3 years, and tend to reproduce in large numbers, they’ll often need a hiding place and a source of reliable food for themselves and their young. This is when and how opossums get onto your property, and under your house. Since they’re great climbers, they can also end up in your attic, or sometimes they’ll even nest in your walls.

In this situation, you need a qualified, professional animal control trapper in the Detroit area. We will come to your home and deal with your opossum problem humanely, without using chemicals or poisons. We’ll trap that pesky opossum and release it and its family into the wild, and help you eliminate sources of food or entry holes for the opossum around your home or business.

Above all, don’t attempt to trap the opossum yourself! The opossum doesn’t always play dead, and does have the capacity to harm you with its nails or bite. In addition, if not dealt with properly, the opossum can spread disease throughout your home, or continue to leave foul droppings in its nesting area that are odiferous and could carry disease.

Michigan Wildlife Removal has the experienced, humane opossum trappers and opossum control specialists in metro Detroit you need to help with an opossum infestation. Give us a call at (734) 629-5997 for Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston Counties or (248) 468-1617 for Oakland, Macomb, St Claire Counties for a consultation. We’ll help you with your opossum problem, AND we’ll help keep them away!