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Others Removal & Control


Beavers are another nuisance animal that are a problem in the Detroit area. Though beavers are not aggressive and dine mostly on bark as opposed to crops or plants in your yard, their dam-building practices cause problems for Detroit metro home and landowners.

Beavers are nature’s engineers, using trees as resources for their dam’s wood supply. They use their large, flat teeth to chew out pieces of wood, and return the wood to streams to use for dam building. Common complaints about beavers include destruction to streams, and destruction of plant life and sources of wood near beaver dams.

It is not recommended to attempt to destroy dams while the beavers are around the property, or to remove the beavers yourself. Though many other beaver trappers in the Detroit area will tell you otherwise, there is no poison or repellant that is 100% effective against beavers. Your best option is to consult a professional animal removal service in the Detroit area. Michigan Wildlife Removal has years of experience trapping and removing beavers from property. We will remove your beaver problem in a safe, humane manner, ensuring your property is beautiful again.