Rat Removal & Control

Rat Removal & Control

Rats are a typical problem in many metropolitan areas, and the rats of Detroit are no exception. Rats are the perfect rodent to thrive in a city. Their bodies are typically brown (the Norway Rat), or black (the Roof Rat), which helps them blend in with the city surroundings. They also have the ability to squeeze through a half-inch crack in a wall or other type of partition.

Rats are also exceptional survivalists because they will eat just about anything. Nothing is safe from a rat – trash, pet food, small insects, trash, and even droppings from other animals serve as acceptable dining choices for rats. Since they are extremely mobile, can eat anything, and can go anywhere, they continue to survive in growing numbers.

Rats are also major disease-carriers, being responsible for devastating illnesses such as the bubonic plague. They’re also not afraid to be aggressive, biting up to 15,000 people a year.

If the bites weren’t bad enough, rats also contaminate human sources of food with their urine and feces, another way rats are capable of spreading disease. This doesn’t even cover the irritation of having noisy rats, trampling inside your walls, cupboards, or in the ceilings of your home or Detroit area business.

House mice are smaller in size than rats, but are just as much a nuisance for residents of the Detroit metro area. Mice are tiny, and typically weigh less than an ounce. This means they have no problem squeezing in and out of small cracks and crevices.

Once inside your home or office, they seek out any food source possible. Rather than sticking with one item, they’ll typically chew through the packages of many different types of food, eating and leaving a trail of feces throughout your cabinets and pantry. The result is a large amount of polluted food packages, and one overstuffed little mouse.

Both mice and rats dig, chew, and reproduce rapidly, meaning there’s more at stake during a rat infestation than health and food. There’s also home – rats and mice chew through electrical wires, floorboards, walls, and any other surface they need to get through. Their long, flat teeth are perfect for destroying almost any type of surface, and if food and safety are on the other side, they won’t hesitate to do so.

The brown rat is the most common type of rat in Michigan. Very common in metropolitan areas and often called the Sewer Rat, this type of rat is most commonly interested in sugary and starchy types of foods.

Research conducted in the 60s by scientist Martin Schein reveals that the most preferred food of rats is typically scrambled eggs, macaroni and cheese, and cooked corn kernels. You can see why rats live near human populations!

At Michigan Wildlife Removal, we’ve gotten rid of hundreds, if not thousands of rats for our clients in the Detroit, Michigan metro area. We absolutely do not use poisons, as they can be hazardous to your pets and to your family, despite what other professional trappers may tell you.

Poison also doesn’t ensure the location of a rat’s death. Meaning, if poison is spread throughout strategic areas of a house, a rat can die in any location. Dead rats can be left behind in your basement, attic and walls, if not properly trapped. Any dead animal in your home will begin to smell. Don’t pay an “expert” hundreds of dollars to get rid of a rat that will just be left in your home. Plenty of animal control companies here in Detroit who deal with rats will try to convince you poison is the way to get rid of your problem. Trust us – it’s not.

Michigan Wildlife Removal traps mice and rats in the Detroit metro area, and will also locate rat entryways in your home. We patch these areas with steel, which is far too hard for rats and mice to chew through. That way you can assure you’re getting rid of your current infestation, and preventing future rats and mice from nesting in your home.

You don’t want to handle a rat or mouse infestation yourself – you could be bitten, or could also contract some of the diseases spread through the animal’s waste. Give us a call at (734) 629-5997 for Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston Counties or (248) 468-1617 for Oakland, Macomb, St Claire Counties. We are experienced rat and mice control experts in the Detroit area, and we’ll be happy to come to your home or office and help you get rid of your problem!