Skunk Removal & Control

Skunk Removal & Control

As you may know, a skunk leaves a lasting impression. Using powerful glands underneath its tail, a skunk can spray an attacking animal in an excess of fifteen feet. The skunk’s powerful-smelling spray will blind an attacker. If losing its eyesight wasn’t enough, you can bet an attacker with a sufficient long-term memory will never meddle in a skunk’s affairs again!

If you live in the Detroit area, you’ve probably been unfortunate enough to sample the smell of a skunk. Skunks mostly come out at night and are omnivorous, and have been known to get into garbage and eat dog food left outside a home. Skunks will also dig through your yard for food, which could destroy your landscape.

Skunks have a fairly bad reputation, but they’re actually soft, gentle creatures. The only thing you really have to worry about is the smell, which is purely a defense mechanism – of course, getting the smell out of a pet’s fur and/or dealing with a skunk living in close quarters are not pleasant ordeals to go through

There is no such item as skunk repellant on the market, and believe us when we tell you that baiting and trapping a skunk could be a very, very unpleasant process for you. A skunk’s spray is so potent that humans are likely to become nauseous from the smell – not to mention nauseating the people around you! Don’t try to trap a skunk, and keep your pets away as well.

Imagine how terrible the situation with a skunk could be come if you don’t hire a professional to take care of your problem! Plenty of skunk and animal control companies in Detroit will tell you they know what they’re doing, but you need more than reassurances – you need real results.

Our professionals in the Greater Detroit area will take care of your skunk problem. We’ll come to your residence and remove the skunk to a location much further away from your home, safely and humanely. We’ll help you ensure that your pets, your family, and you are protected from the nasty smell.

You can smell a skunk’s spray from miles away, and it can be overwhelming and a huge nuisance when the skunk is close to your home. We’ll let you know if we see anything on your property that could attract a skunk or other animals to come back. You can trust Michigan Wildlife Removal with your home, and your nose. We won’t kill the skunk – we’ll simply find him some other quarters away from your property.

Give us a call at (734) 629-5997 for Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston Counties or (248) 468-1617 for Oakland, Macomb, St Claire Counties for a free consultation, and we’ll be glad to let you know what we can do for you and your family. We take care of skunks and other unwanted outdoor creatures that are in your home and on your property, and we do it humanely!