Snake Removal & Control

Snake Removal & Control

Out of the many thousands of species of snakes, you can find 17 of those species in Michigan. Fortunately, only one species of Michigan snake is venomous. The Massasauga Rattlesnake is plentiful in Michigan’s lower peninsula. The snake has elliptical pupils and a distinct rattle. You aren’t likely to see this snake around your yard in the Detroit Metro Area.

Regardless, snakes are still a nuisance to many, and no one likes to see a snake in their home and office. Though snakes do eat and therefore eliminate rodents, a nest of snakes is still an unpleasant experience to deal with. Also, regardless of whether it is venomous or not, a snake may still bite a human.

If your home has a good environment for a snake to exist in – such as a heavy population of their food source, plenty of dark, shady places to hide in, like a home that’s in a densely wooded area – it’s much more likely you could spot one or multiple snakes on your property. There are plenty of dense woods outside Detroit, so you’ll see some snakes if you live in this area. Remember, it’s very likely that these snakes aren’t venomous, and won’t cause you any problems if you leave them alone. They are also an asset in controlling the other possible rodent infestations mentioned on this site.

If snakes do get into your home, or are plentiful on your property, this is a problem Michigan Wildlife Removal can easily take care of for you. We use a set of snake tongs and traps that capture snakes humanely. Our tongs won’t hurt the snake in any way. We also use a bite-proof bag to store the snake in, so that we can transport it safely away from your home.

Snakes can and will bite you if you get too close or intimidate them. Their bite and, with some species, their constrictive abilities are their chief methods of defense against predators. It’s wise to let Michigan Wildlife Removal handle your snake problem if you are located in the Detroit area, as opposed to trying to get rid of a snake problem yourself. Even if you succeed, the snake may still come back!

Our services also include identifying the type of snake, and explaining what you can do, if anything is possible, to keep snakes from re-entering your home or property. Michigan Wildlife Removal safely and humanely traps and transports snakes so you and your family or employees no longer need to deal with the problem.

Call Michigan Wildlife Removal at (734) 629-5997 for Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston Counties or (248) 468-1617 for Oakland, Macomb, St Claire Counties for a free snake removal consultation in the Detroit, Michigan area. We will be glad to restore the safety and comfort of your home through removal of any nuisance animal.