Squirrel Removal & Control

Squirrel Removal & Control

Squirrels may seem like cute, cuddly creatures, but if you have ever walked a little too closely to one, you’ll know how territorial they can be. They’re one of the most widely populated and present nuisance animals – not just in the greater Detroit area, but throughout the country.

Squirrels are also typically small creatures. One of the most recognizable squirrels in the Detroit metro area is the Eastern Gray, which weighs about one pound and is less than 18 inches from nose to tail tip. This increases their ability to be a nuisance to you when infesting your home, particularly your attic and other hard-to-reach areas. A nest of squirrels is constituted of several small, fast, active squirrels. Since squirrels are most active in the morning and evening hours, you’ll find sharing your home with squirrels a very noticeable and uncomfortable situation.

Squirrels are rodents, and like most rodents (including mice and rats), squirrels chew on whatever is available, typically wood and pieces of food, to pare down their teeth. Unfortunately, if squirrels get into your attic, this means they’re chewing on pieces of your home, and the property damage isn’t going to stop unless you get rid of the squirrel.

Squirrels breed constantly, with peak mating and breeding in later winters and summers. Two to four baby squirrels may be in the nest with a mother for three months or more. There could be quite a crowd, nesting and chewing in your home! You’ve likely seen squirrel of all sizes in Detroit’s trees.

There are also several inherent hazards present when a squirrel infests your home. Aside from running, falling, and tossing/catching food, squirrels will gnaw a small hole into a large one for access. They may also cause a serious fire hazard through chewing electrical lines, or bringing flammable materials into the house for nest-building. If the fire hazard isn’t enough, the noise will be! Squirrels can fall down into your chimney flue, and are fast, playful creatures. The damage to your floors and walls will happen in places that are difficult for you to reach, therefore it may be difficult to repair.

Squirrels may also leave fecal waste in your home, which could attract other squirrels who are looking for a nest. The waste may also get into the air and make you and your family sick.

Squirrels are fast, and they’re great climbers. As with other rodents, don’t handle or trap the animal yourself! You could be putting yourself at risk for injury and disease, and may not even be successful in solving your problem!

A trained specialist will not only know what types of traps to use to rid you of your squirrel problem, but will be able to point out potential entry points and help you stop squirrels from nesting in your home. If one squirrel could make it into your home, you’ll need to seal the entry point and stop other squirrels from entering. Michigan Wildlife Removal has extensive experience in dealing with squirrel infestations, and can help you as well!

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