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Call A Wildlife Control Company

If you’re hearing sounds in your basement or attic, it may be time to call a wildlife control company. This company will go into your basement or attic and remove the wildlife from your home.

Wildlife take advantage of foundations or attic areas that have easy access. An easy access for them is a crack or hole that allows them to sneak in. Old chimneys and broken windows round out their access points.

Wildlife, just like you and I, are seeking refuge from the elements. Older homes offer them plenty of refuge and a warm safe location to get out of the cold.

Bats can sneak in via a hole as small as a quarter so you’re going to have to call the control company and then after they remove your wildlife you’re going to have to seal off your attic and basement.

Start by getting a few cans of spray foam insulation (it says to keep bugs out on the can, but will also seal the cracks and keep wildlife out). Seal every crack you can see in the foundation and up above near the attic. You may need to seal these cracks from the outside and the inside to get a really good seal.

Seal all holes that are small sized with the spray foam as well. This will help keep the critters out. For any larger holes, you may wish to nail a piece of plywood over these holes.

You’ll need a fine mesh for the chimney. Be sure that there aren’t any critters in there before you seal it off. The fine mesh will allow smoke to escape through the chimney so this is very important to use. Seal it on all sides.

Be sure to check your basement and attic areas often. You don’t want a raccoon and family in there or bats in the attic. Their droppings can all contain fine particles of fungi that can make people ill with serious upper respiratory illnesses.

Be sure to wear a mask and gloves when cleaning the droppings up. If there are any damaged portions of walls or flooring be sure to remove them and replace them. Molds and their spores can rapidly spread to the other walls and flooring and cause more rot and mold.

Be sure that you check back frequently to ensure that wildlife aren’t creating new entries to your home. Remember that even a hole the size of a quarter can give them entry to your home. You want to avoid this whenever possible.

To find a company that will do this for you, you can call your local animal rescue center, your local veterinarian, the Chamber of Commerce, the ranger station and your local city offices to see if they can give you a name or number to a company.

A Wildlife control company will use a variety of means to capture wildlife in your home. Keep in mind that many species are endangered so you can’t kill them legally.

Brief Info About Bats Hearing

Contrary to popular belief, bats can not only see, but they have a super sense that allows them to ‘see’ with sound. This brief article will cover info about bats hearing.

Properly known as echolocation and sometimes biosonar, bats emit a series of shouts that are on a high frequency through their noses and mouths. These waves are ultrasonic, in that they are too high for normal human beings to hear, but bats can hear them after they bounce off the surrounding objects.
How a bat can tell how far away an object is, or its state of matter is by analyzing how quick the wave return and how loud, fuzzy or crisp it was.

In fact, this bats ability is so sensitive that they can detect eve hair. However, what is even mind-blowing is how bats are able to process all this info, fly, do dazzling agility feats and catch insects at the same time.
Different species of bats have echolocation signature patterns that can be used by specialists to identify them. Usually, there will be a frequency that a bat echolocates loudest at. The Soprano pipistrelle, for example, is the loudest at around 55kHz. However, a species will ideally use an array of different frequencies and vary the number of shouts per second depending on the situation it is in.

This magnificent ability has enabled numerous bat species to increase the advantages of being a nocturnal mammal by the ability to feed on the wing. Info about bats hearing has also inspired various human inventions like navigation systems that utilize the sonar. There is also an increasing number of blind people who have started utilizing echolocation that is similar to the Egyptian fruit’s bat( which uses a number of audible clicks to be able to navigate in the dark). This is undoubtedly amazing.

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