Bird Removal & Control

Bird Removal & Control

Birds tend to get a lot more respect than they may actually deserve. They’re not cute, they’re a huge nuisance to people here in the Detroit area. They spray droppings from treetops and while flying that land all over cars, buildings, lawns, and even humans and other animals. They’re also equipped with beaks and talons that grab, scratch, and generally destroy property as much as any rodent.

Many birds eat and/or are plagued with insects, which can become a problem for humans. They can carry diseases such as the avian or bird flu, and their droppings also carry diseases. They can nest in or around a home, and many birds feel completely at home around humans, dropping in whenever they feel comfortable and eating from human food sources.

Birds like Pigeons are a huge problem for folks in the Detroit Metro area. A common and annoying sight is a flock of pigeons sweeping the streets of downtown, looking for handouts. Pigeons know there are people who will feed them, so they’re not afraid to be close to humans. They’re also carriers of a variety of diseases, and are often host to nasty parasites that become problems for humans and their pets as well, including fleas and ticks.

Pigeons are also known for leaving droppings absolutely everywhere possible, and Detroit’s pigeons are no exception. Sidewalks, the heads of unlucky and unsuspecting pedestrians, and especially your car are all prime real estate for pigeons to leave their droppings. The materials they use to build their nests are also a huge problem. Oftentimes these materials are flammable, and can cause problems with chimneys, gutter drainage, and the air vents in your home or office.

One bird synonymous with damage to your home structure is the Woodpecker. These birds peck in search of food, as well as to mark their territory. If your house happens to be constructed of wood, watch out! The woodpecker won’t discriminate, and may likely find the sound of pecking on your house much more appealing than just using a tree. There are plenty of woodpeckers in the woods of the metro Detroit area, and they are a “protected” species which bird trappers should not try to kill.

Woodpeckers will leave unsightly holes in the wood throughout your property, and are very likely to stick to one place to peck if they find it pleasing. That means your new little friend will be around for a while, unless you’re prepared to properly take care of the problem.

Crows are another large problem for home and business owners. They’ve long been known as a pest to farmers and anyone growing crops, as they scavenge for food and destroy fields – particularly those where the crops have been newly planted. They also flock in sometimes thousands, bringing noise, nuisance and highly acidic droppings that can wear down the structural materials used in buildings. You’ve likely seen crows eating whatever they can get their claws around on the streets, or in the smaller communities of the Detroit area.

Screech Owls are yet another bird nuisance that can keep you away all night and are highly aggressive predators. Imagine trying to get a good night’s sleep with one of these fellows outside your window!

Like snakes, screen owls do cut down on the rodent population around your home. They can, however, nest on or around your property, causing structural damage, and of course hooting throughout the night. They are a larger problem for families in the Detroit suburbs.

Sparrows are a huge nuisance here in Michigan. A small sparrow, commonly called the House Sparrow is the biggest nuisance of all. Being fed on human foods and adapting to human surroundings over the years have allowed this bird to adapt perfectly to cohabitating with humans. House sparrows will get into your house and nest there, causing the same problems as other nuisance birds – for instance, their use of flammable nesting materials, noise, and especially disease-ridden droppings. This type of sparrow will also raid food sources near your home, particularly crops.

Unlike many other bird control experts in the Detroit metro area, Michigan Wildlife Removal does not use repellants or chemical substances to get rid of birds. Trapping isn’t going to work if there are multiple birds, so a physical deterrent is the best way to get rid of nuisance birds.

As with any nuisance animal, you don’t want to try to get rid of the problem yourself. Michigan Wildlife Removal is staffed with trained, experienced professionals who can help you get rid of your bird nuisance, as well as keep birds away from your home, car and family for good!

For a free consultation to help you get rid of your bird nuisance in the Detroit area, please give us a call at (734) 629-5997 for Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston Counties or (248) 468-1617 for Oakland, Macomb, St Claire Counties. We humanely handle birds, and would love to help you!