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Hiring The Right Bat Removal Service

If you need help from a bat removal service, you need to know that you’re hiring the right one. That’s what this guide will help you with. That way, you know you are spending money on a service that will get you the right results.

You’re going to want to find out who does wildlife removal work in your area. You can find out about this by looking up wildlife removal in the name of your city on a search engine type of website. When you find the names of some services out, write down their contact information so you can contact them to ask if they take care of bats for people. Some may not have the right equipment. That’s why it’s good to call around, and you can get a feel for whether they are nice to customers or if they seem to be rude over the phone.

Before you pick a company out, you need to know what they are going to charge you to do the removal. If there are a lot of bats and it will take longer, then of course this is going to cost you quite a bit more money than if you just had a single bat in your house that was stuck in there for one reason or another. You may be able to get a price quote on the phone if you call the company, or they may have to send someone out to check out the problem before they can give you a price.

The service should be well reviewed if you want to know that you are working with some of the best removal experts out there. When you look into their past reviews, try to look into what people have said recently. Sometimes, a company is not that good when they first start out but over the years they get better at what they do. That’s why reading recent reviews is a better idea than trusting what people said about the company a long time ago. They may also have been good, too, and now are no longer worth the money so look for that in reviews as well.

Figure out what the company does to the animals they catch in your home before you hire them if you want to make sure they don’t harm them. Bats are relatively harmless to humans, so killing them is something you may not want to do. If they trap and release, that’s better than outright killing the bats in your home. Ultimately, it’s up to you but do know it may take more time to trap the bats so you may be in for a little bit of a wait.

A good bat removal service is now something you can find. Just do your research on what’s out there and then pick from the best options. You’ll want to be quick because you don’t want to deal with more and more bats as time goes on if you were to wait.

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Do Bats Hang Upside Down Or Not?

Most of us have seen pictures of bats where they are hanging upside down. It is one of the more common images. There could be one bat hanging from a rafter, or hundreds of them, as this is their preferred way of sleeping. However, you might wonder if all bats are in this position during the day, or if it is only a few different kinds. Let’s discuss do bats hang upside down, or is this something that happens occasionally with different species of bats around the world.

Why Would Bats Hang Upside down?

Let’s first address the practicality of why a bat would hang upside down. It would seem to be an uncomfortable position. They are mammals, just like humans, and people cannot remain in this position for very long. The blood will begin to flow into your head, and this can cause some people to become dizzy or pass out. Bats, on the other hand, do not seem to have this problem, yet there is a reason that they do so. When a bat is hanging from a tree branch, or from the rafters, it is because of how they fly. Although bats are capable of flight, they are not like a bird. They are not able to get enough lift to simply fly up in the air. Therefore, hanging upside down from a high position allows them to become airborne, glide upward, and then begin to fly to feed during the night.

Where Do Bats Typically Hang Upside Down?

Bats that hang upside down can be found in caves, in trees, under bridges, and even inside hollowed trees. They are also commonly found in attics of homes, and in outbuildings such as a barn, because they can easily get into these positions. Even if a bat has a running start, their legs are too small to get enough speed. Therefore, a bat will hang upside down from virtually anywhere in order to sleep, and subsequently, fly into the air from this elevated position.

Other Reasons That Bats Hang Upside Down

Bats also hang upside down because, unlike a bird, they are not capable of sitting in a normal position. They are designed by nature to hang much more easily, instead of sitting upright. It also allows them to avoid predators that would otherwise be able to consume them. Although it is possible for birds to attack them when hanging on trees, that’s why they prefer enclosed areas.

Now that you know the answer to do bats hang upside down or not, you can see why they choose these positions. The safest place for a bat is hanging from a rafter, preferably in an enclosed area. It is possible for bats to fly, but without the elevated position, they would not be able to fly into the air. For all of these reasons, all bats are commonly seen resting upside down in high positions for survival purposes and to improve their ability to take off and fly.

The History Of Grand Blanc MI

Grand Blanc Township

Originally settled by Chippewa Indians, Grand Blanc (meaning Great White) was named by French traders in the late 1700s. By 1823 the first white pioneer families had settled on the abundant farmland which then sold for $1.25 per acre, and by 1833 the township of Grand Blanc became the first unit of government in Genesee County.

The History of Grand Blanc MI

The first post office was established in 1926 with Rufus Stevens as the first postmaster, whose house also became the public tavern in the village. Ira D Wright and Robert F Stage opened the first general store in 1935 with $20,000 of stock. The first school was started in a small frame building in 1830 and Miss Sarah Dayton was the first school teacher there. The earliest churches were Baptist, Methodist, and Congregational, organized by 1835, all with goodly congregations. In 1862 the railroad added more work and additional growth to the community and in 1904 the Village of Grand Blanc, was the first in Genesee to consolidate its schools.

The first white settlers were Jacob Stevens, his wife, two sons, and five daughters who came to Grand Blanc in 1823. The family had first settled on the Saginaw Trail in Oakland County in 1822, but on discovering that their land title was defective, they sold and moved to Grand Blanc.
The oldest land entries were made in 1924 by Samuel B. Perkins, Charles Little, and William Thompson from Ontario and Livingston counties, New York, amounting to five hundred acres. By 1836 all the available land had been taken up.

Rowland B. Perry moved his family from Avon, Livingston County, New York, to Grand Blanc in 1826, and his granddaughter, named Isabelle, was the first white child to be born in Genesee County.

The Important Influence of the Stevens Family on the History of Grand Blanc MI

Jacob Stevens’ son, Rufus, traded with the Indians from a log cabin situated where the Grand Blanc Hotel was later established. In 1930 he opened a sawmill and then a gristmill on property known as Thread Mill Property. The mills were of significant importance as they supplied the needs of everyone living between Saginaw and Pontiac for many years. After 1830 settlers started to arrive in rapid succession, mainly from western New York, and in 1833, with the township organized, the first election was held at Rufus W. Stevens’ house.

The City of Grand Blanc

In 1930 an area of four square miles in the center of Grand Blanc Township was incorporated as the City of Grand Blanc. The Stagecoach Stop on Saginaw Street, built around 1840, is the oldest building in Grand Blanc. Since its incorporation in 1930, the city has been governed by eleven mayors.

Today government business in Grand Blanc is conducted by an elected 7-person Board of Trustees and business meetings, typically held on the second Thursday of every month, are open to the public, with special meetings scheduled when needed. Benefits such as a Public Library, the Heritage Museum, senior citizen services, a highly rated school system, and recreational activities are enjoyed by the residents of Mont Blanc. The slogan for Grand Blanc is “Planned, Progressive, Prestigious” and is home to General Motors Service Parts Operations World Headquarters and the award-winning Genesis Regional Medical Center.