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So you’ve been struggling to get rid of unexpected guests in your home. It can be frustrating to hear scratches and bumps from the attic in the middle of the night. A professional wildlife removal company is the surest and safest way to get rid of your furry friends.

Though it may not seem apparent immediately, the invasion of wildlife into your home can pose a major threat to all involved. The different animals should be handled carefully to protect both the homeowner and themselves.

 Humane Capture

Whether its bats or raccoons living in your attic, it’s vital to use the most appropriate and humane traps to capture them. Every animal trapping is unique and each requires unique strategies. The different species require different kinds of baits to lure them out.

At all times, it is essential to perform live catching so the animals can be relocated. The traps used should be big enough to accommodate the unwanted guest. Wildlife laws are set in place to protect the wildlife and using small cages can be considered animal cruelty.

Exclusion Work

One of the most effective ways of wildlife removal is the closing of all access points to the house. Even if you get rid of one raccoon but don’t get proper exclusion work done, another raccoon will be attracted by the scent of the previous occupier and come set up shop in your house.

As a wildlife removal company, we provide effective exclusion work that stops any old or new wildlife from accessing your home. A detailed survey is done on your home to determine all points of entry. Then, using concrete and metal materials, we seal all these potential entry points thus preventing further access.

Though the wild animal is gone, the danger they pose isn’t. During the wild animal’s residency, they cause significant damage by urinating, defecating and giving birth. Thus, they contaminate your home with bacteria, insects, and disease.

We offer thorough antimicrobial treatment and dropping clean up which we carry out as soon as possible. This will protect your family from the dangers caused by the animal leavings.

Attic and Insulation Repair

Getting rid of the animal is only the first part of the solution. Raccoons and bats can cause considerable damage to your attic and your insulation due to their chewing of cables and getting into walls. We assess this immediately the rodents are removed and begin repairs

The areas affected should be cleaned using antimicrobial treatment to get rid of any health risks. We provide professional attic and insulation restoration using quality products that cannot be easily chewed by rodents.

Call us today for fast and professional wildlife removal services.

Emergency Animal Control Services

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The History Of Lapeer MI

If you are traveling into the Flint Michigan area, there is a community called Lapeer that you might want to visit. It’s right outside of Flint as you are heading toward Sarnia on the 69. This is a city that has a very small population. There are just about 10,000 people. It is a quaint community, yet there are many things that you can do while you are in this small city. Here is an overview of the history of Lapeer Michigan, and a few of the many things that you can do on your visit.

History Of Lapeer MI

This community began in what is called Lapeer Township. Part of the community was the results of the annexation of a couple other townships nearby. The combination of these townships are very close to Flint, from which the name Lapeer originates. Due to the migration of the French into the area, the French word for Flint was used. This community got its start in the 1780s, and was formally named by the 1830s. This was a community where both Indian and French traders would pass through. Many of the original people that migrated into New York State came through this region. A person by the name of Alvin Hart from Connecticut was the very first settler, and from there we have the community that is there today.

What Can You Do While You Are In Lapeer?

The activities that you can do once you get to Lapeer will include visiting some of the local businesses. There are antique stores such as Past Tense, and farms such as Fick Farms. It is also a community that caters to those that enjoy playing the game of golf. You can go to the Rolling Pills Golf Club for a game with family or friends. There are several points of interest including Gallery 194 and you may want to visit Lake Nepessing Golfland. There are several wineries, bars and clubs that you can frequent day or night, and there is also a bowling alley.

Why Would You Want To Visit Lapeer?

Part of the reason for visiting this community has to do with its beautiful surroundings. If you happen to be staying in Flint, you may as well head East to this location. You may also want to visit the Habitat for Humanity, and if you are looking for a great place to eat and have drinks, Calvelli’s Eatery and Spirits is a great place to begin. There is also the Polar Palace Arena which you can visit, and many other locations. It will give you that hometown atmosphere that so many people seek, especially if they are from a large metropolitan area.

This brief history of Lapeer MI has shown you why some people decide to visit. If you are in Detroit, or if you are staying in Flint for a few weeks, you may as well head over to Lapeer. You will be able to visit these destinations that have been discussed, or at the very least, play a game of golf and have a few drinks with friends. It’s a small community that has quite a bit to offer. Consider visiting Lapeer the next time you are in Michigan.