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A Bat Removal Process From Attic

If you’re looking for a bat removal process from attics you may wish to consider this one. You’ll need some supplies such as plywood, fine wire mesh, nails and a hammer as well as a staple gun with extra staples. You may also wish to have some spray foam insulation to seal off any cracks.

Start by locating any potential entries for bats in your attic. If you see openings in the eaves nail a piece of plywood over the opening ensuring that there is no way they can get through it. Even the smallest of cracks can work as an entry point so look at it from the bat’s point of view.

Use the fine wire mesh over chimneys that must be left open to allow for smoke exiting your home. Secure this with your staple gun and staples. The goal here is to seal off your attic so that there are no entry points into your attic.

If you plan to trap the bats, leave one entry open and set a bat trap as close to the entry point as possible. You’ll need to understand exactly how the bat trap works and set it up carefully so that it’s the only way they can go.

Once trapped, you’ll need to relocate the colony as most bat colony’s aren’t allowed to be destroyed. Be sure that if you have to release the bats that you take them far away from your area. Since they fly, they can go quite a distance and return to haunt you.

Once you’ve rid your attic of bats, you can set about the cleanup process. You’ll need to remove any bat guano that you find. Be sure that you’re wearing gloves when you do this.

Bat guano can be dangerous to your respiratory system so you may wish to wear a mask as well. It’s important to get all of the bat guano up off of the flooring to prevent any damage, mold, or mildew to the flooring.

Occasionally, there is already some damage done and you’ll have to replace some of the floorboards. Be sure to do this so that it won’t spread to other areas of the attic.

To keep bats away, check frequently to ensure that all potential entrances are sealed off. Use spray foam to seal off cracks that could potentially let them into your attic.

You can also get “bat houses” and put the high up in a few trees in your area. Bats like to hang upside down and sleep during the daylight hours so you’ll want to make sure that you keep this in mind when you’re clearing them out of your attic.

Never pick a bat up barehanded. You could be bitten and some can harbor rabies. You’ll want to be very mindful of how you deal with bats. Following a bat removal process from attic will give you the best results. Follow through and make sure that you clean up properly for best results.

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Interesting Info About Bat Torpor

Have you ever heard of torpor before? It is a term that is often used when discussing bears. Most people are familiar with the term hibernation, and despite the spelling, these are two very similar things. Torpor is a term that refers to how an animal is able to reduce its body temperature or a short period of time. This is typically done cooler days. Hibernation is similar, but it is for an extended period of time. It is the result of modifying the body due to lack of food and the ambient temperature. Let’s discuss what torpor is, and also provide interesting info about bat torpor that you may not know.

How Torpor Works

As mentioned before, it is a way in which the body can reduce its temperature. It is often the result of environmental stimulus and the genetics of the animal. For example, torpor can occur as a result of hormonal changes, or the length of the day. The human body has an internal clock that allows us to modify our habits based upon how long the day is, and bats do the same. Despite the fact that they sleep throughout the day, they also have an internal clock which can cause torpor to occur.

What Are The Benefits Of Torpor With Bats?

Since bats do not hibernate, torpor is what they do. This occurs when it becomes much colder outside. Their body will automatically understand that there will be less food, something that their body will recognize months before the lower temperatures arrive. This is a survival instinct that is built into bats. During colder nights, torpor will allow them to survive, yet they still need to have adequate heat. You will often see bats together, in large numbers, during the winter months. It is something that allows them to survive based upon the conditions that they are in. The lack of food, and the shortening of the days, prompt torpor to take control of their bodies.

Is This Found In Any Other Animals?

This is found in many other animals including wood mice, hedgehogs, and bats. If animals are sleeping primarily during the day, it will help them sleep. In this state, their movements will be inhibited. They are also going to be unable to respond to outside stimulus. Their metabolic rate is going to be very low, something that occurs over a couple of hours. By comparison, a bat that is experiencing torpor will have a metabolism that is running 40 times less than normal. You can always tell when a bat comes out of torpor because they will violently shake, shiver, and their muscles will contract. This process takes about an hour, and once they have come out of it, they will be able to fly at night in order to get food.

This info about bat torpor will help you understand how they are able to survive during the winter months. It is simply a condition that bats must embrace in order to survive, especially during the winter months. The ability to lower their metabolic rate, and their temperature, allows them to last through the winter. They will also go through this when they are sleeping during the day, in preparation for feeding at night. It is something that some animals do, the result of trying to survive.

The History Of Lapeer MI

If you are traveling into the Flint Michigan area, there is a community called Lapeer that you might want to visit. It’s right outside of Flint as you are heading toward Sarnia on the 69. This is a city that has a very small population. There are just about 10,000 people. It is a quaint community, yet there are many things that you can do while you are in this small city. Here is an overview of the history of Lapeer Michigan, and a few of the many things that you can do on your visit.

History Of Lapeer MI

This community began in what is called Lapeer Township. Part of the community was the results of the annexation of a couple other townships nearby. The combination of these townships are very close to Flint, from which the name Lapeer originates. Due to the migration of the French into the area, the French word for Flint was used. This community got its start in the 1780s, and was formally named by the 1830s. This was a community where both Indian and French traders would pass through. Many of the original people that migrated into New York State came through this region. A person by the name of Alvin Hart from Connecticut was the very first settler, and from there we have the community that is there today.

What Can You Do While You Are In Lapeer?

The activities that you can do once you get to Lapeer will include visiting some of the local businesses. There are antique stores such as Past Tense, and farms such as Fick Farms. It is also a community that caters to those that enjoy playing the game of golf. You can go to the Rolling Pills Golf Club for a game with family or friends. There are several points of interest including Gallery 194 and you may want to visit Lake Nepessing Golfland. There are several wineries, bars and clubs that you can frequent day or night, and there is also a bowling alley.

Why Would You Want To Visit Lapeer?

Part of the reason for visiting this community has to do with its beautiful surroundings. If you happen to be staying in Flint, you may as well head East to this location. You may also want to visit the Habitat for Humanity, and if you are looking for a great place to eat and have drinks, Calvelli’s Eatery and Spirits is a great place to begin. There is also the Polar Palace Arena which you can visit, and many other locations. It will give you that hometown atmosphere that so many people seek, especially if they are from a large metropolitan area.

This brief history of Lapeer MI has shown you why some people decide to visit. If you are in Detroit, or if you are staying in Flint for a few weeks, you may as well head over to Lapeer. You will be able to visit these destinations that have been discussed, or at the very least, play a game of golf and have a few drinks with friends. It’s a small community that has quite a bit to offer. Consider visiting Lapeer the next time you are in Michigan.