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Why A Bat Removal Service Is The Best Solution To Get Rid Of Bats

Nobody likes having bats in the attic. However, these tiny creatures manage to find their way in, building their nests and enjoying the good life in your house. You may believe this isn’t a big deal. However, you should be aware that your floor is soon going to be covered in bat poop, also known as guano. As you can easily imagine, this organic carpet smells pretty bad. Moreover, it attracts rats, mice and other pests that are soon going to take over your living space, exposing you and your family to various diseases and infections.

When you detect the presence of bats in your attic, the first thing to do is to find out how they got in and to seal off these spots. This isn’t your average DIY job, so you’ll have to find a reliable bat removal service to have it done. There are several good reasons for doing so, as you are going to see in a moment.

Even if you manage to chase out all flying bats, you may not be able to remove all of them. Babies and bats that aren’t flying will still be left behind. Besides, chasing out the bats by night is illegal, so you risk a fine if you attempt it. Fumigation isn’t also allowed by law. This leaves you with barely any working method of getting rid of these little creatures. Hiring a bat removal services becomes your only solution to safely remove the pest from your home, without risking to become ill or to do something illegal.

When you have this job done by a professional, you can rest assured all animals are going to be safely removed from your property. These experts know exactly where to search for hidden bats, as they are familiar with their nesting habits. In addition, they are much more effective at detecting the holes in your roof or the other spots bats have used to get inside in the first place. By using a professional service, you’ll benefit from their experience to make your place proper for living again. These companies usually provide cleanup and disinfection services, so they can help you with everything required to remove the bats and to wipe off every single trace of their presence on your property.

As you can see, trying to get rid of a bats infestation by yourself isn’t the wisest thing to do. Your average methods are either illegal or ineffective, and you risk to get ill from coming into contact with the bat guano. In addition, you should be aware that the risk of contamination will still be presence after chasing out all the bats, so you’ll need proper disinfection of the entire space. Professional bat removal companies have trained and skilled staff, as well as the right tools to get this job done quickly and in the most effective manner. This is something to consider when having to put up with the presence of bats in your home.

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Information About Bat Diseases That Could Save You And Your Families Lives

You would never think by their appearance that bats can be one of the most dangerous animals you can encounter. While they may look small and harmless, bats can carry a plethora of different diseases that can be fatal to you and your family. Below you can find just a little bit of information about bat diseases that may potentially save your life as well as the lives of one of your loved ones.


The very first disease that many people associate with bats is rabies. Bats are mammals and as mammals they can carry the rabies virus. Many bats will often pass rabies from generation to generation without ever showing any symptoms.

The scariest part of bats carrying rabies is the fact that while it is typically transmitted from bats to humans by bites, often a bat bite will be painless and you won’t even know that one has bitten you until you begin to feel ill from the rabies virus or an infection at the bite site.

For this reason, it’s often best practice to seek medical care should you find a bat in your home or way too close for comfort when you’re outside. A little bit of treatment can go a long way, and getting post-exposure prophylaxis treatment in a timely manner is key to a successful recovery.

Don’t worry about any kind of stigma when seeking care either. According to the CDC, up to 30,000 people are treated in the US alone annually.

As if rabies wasn’t bad enough, bats can also be responsible for another very dangerous illness.


Histoplasmosis is a nasty disease that affects your lungs and is caused by a fungus. This fungus grows in the soil and ground litter that has been exposed to animal droppings, including droppings from bats. Once the fungus takes a solid hold, any disturbance to the soil will release infectious spores into the air that can result in histoplasmosis.

While histoplasmosis is a disease that can be found all over the world, there are areas in the United States that are known to have widespread contamination. Thankfully, most people who come down with histoplasmosis will have no symptoms whatsoever, and it will go completely unnoticed.

However, if you do begin to have symptoms such as difficulty breathing, and you’ve noticed that bats are in your area heavily, then it is strongly advisable to seek medical attention.

Other Various Diseases

Worldwide, bats carry numerous other diseases such as Marburg hemorrhagic fever and Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Thankfully, the bats in the United States typically do not carry these types of diseases, so you really don’t need to be overly concerned with them.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the information about bat diseases above, being exposed to bats can be life-threatening issue. If you have found a bat in your home, you should consult with a professional to make certain that you are in dealing with a colony instead of a single isolated rodent.

Also, if you fear that you may have been exposed to any diseases that a bat may be carrying, make certain to seek medical help as soon as possible.