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Old Houses And Bat Control Process From Attic

If you have an old house you’ll benefit from bat control process from attics. The attic is an ideal location for bats. They’re easy to gain entry into for old houses, and they offer a warm place to hang out during the day.

If you’re hearing wings at night, you’re likely hearing bats. This can be noisy and disruptive to your sleep and peace of mind. The good news is that bats eat as many as 3000 insects per day. So you’ll likely have fewer mosquitos and other insects in and around your area.

Of course, there are reasons that you’ll want to control their entry and keep them out of your house as well. Bats can harbor viruses in their feces which are called guano. So the first thing that you’re going to want to do is grab some spray foam insulation cans and make sure that you seal off all of the potential entries.

Entry points can be as small as a quarter so you’ll want to make sure that you’re sealing off all cracks, small entry points and the like with the spray foam. Larger entries should be sealed with a piece of wood and nails. You can also find a fine mesh that they can’t get through and seal off chimneys and other potential entries.

Be sure that you’re doing this in the late summer and early spring as they give birth at other times of the year and baby bats can’t fly for the first several weeks. You don’t want to lock any babies in the attic while the parents are out hunting. Always double check to ensure that all of the bats are out of the attic prior to sealing it off.

Once you’ve sealed the potential entries off, it’s time to start cleanup. Bat guano can have infectious agents that can cause viruses and you’ll want to prevent these. To do this, you’ll need to wear a protective covering when you clean it up.

This should include a mask, gloves, and clothing that you can discard easily. So make sure it’s old clothing items that don’t really matter. Every effort should be made to clean it all up. The guano can harbor infectious agents that may make infants and elderly ill. Upper respiratory viruses aren’t any fun.

Also, the bat guano can also damage wood flooring. It can cause molds and mildews that can further damage older homes. Avoid this damage by making sure that the floor is completely cleaned.

You may have to remove some of the boards and replace them so go over this with a fine tooth comb and be sure that you’re not missing anything.

After all of this, you’re going to be tired, but it’s not the time to quit yet. Make it a habit to check the attic frequently for more bats. They can find entries in the smallest of areas and you’ll want to seal off entries and use a bat control process from attics often.

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Do Bats Have Good Hearing Or Not?

Bats are one of the most unique creatures that exist on the earth today. They have a reputation that has been built up through the cinema, causing many people to fear them. In reality, bats that are flying by at night are usually looking for food in the form of insects that are flying. They are creatures that hibernate, ones that are nocturnal, and they are the only mammal that flies. People might wonder how a bat is able to fly at night. They may postulate that they have either extremely good eyes, or they have advanced hearing capabilities. Let’s discuss do bats have good hearing, and if they do, how good it actually is.

Why Are Bats So Useful?

Bats are extremely useful animals in regard to nature. For example, since their main diet tends to be insects, they can keep the insect population down in areas where they live. This could be in the country, or even in cities, helping to consume millions of insects on an annual basis. Some people will call pest control companies to eliminate them, especially if they have hundreds that are living in buildings or your attic. They can become quite a nuisance, particularly during the summer months when insect populations are at their highest.

Do Bats Have Good Hearing?

Bats use something called echolocation. It is a system by which they will you sound, similar to radar, in order to determine what is out in front of them. They are able to do so because of the enormous ears that they have, the most prominent feature on their body save for their wings. It is a common misconception that bats are actually partially blind, but they have the same capabilities as a regular person. The reason they are able to fly at night is because of echolocation, allowing them to find their way and also locate all of the bugs out in front of them.

Do All Bats Use Echolocation?

Although most of the bats in the world do use echolocation to fly around, not all of them do. Some are simply not capable of performing this because of the size of their ears. If you have ever heard a bat squeak, that is why they are doing this. This squeak is what will resonate outward, and when the sound comes back, it provides them with a type of mental visual. They will be able to fly around even in the darkest areas without impacting with structures along the way.

Now that you know the answer to do bats have good hearing, you even know what it is called. Echolocation is the key to how most bats are able to fly around at night. The next time that you hear bats squeaking, you do not need to be afraid. They are simply trying to find their way around. They are also not interested in feeding on you. They are simply looking for bugs that they can eat, and also trying to avoid making impact as they are flying in the dark.