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How To Find The Best Bat Removal Service In Your City

Is your home infested with bats? Bats can wreak havoc on your home in lots of different ways. They can affect your health and can be a downright nuisance to deal with. If you have them in your home or attic, you will need to hire the best company around to get rid of them for you. Read the information below so you can find the best bat removal service in Kalamazoo,MI.

Search Google for bat removal with your city and state. Look over the names of these bat removal companies and see if there are ratings and reviews for them from their past customers. If so, read over them and see what they have to say about the company. If you are unable to find reviews for some of the companies, try searching for the company name and reviews. This may bring up other websites with the company and reviews for them.

Search on Facebook for bat removal services. Maybe these companies have a Facebook page that you can view and look at reviews from their customers. See what you can find out by either searching their name or for bat removal companies. You may learn a good bit of information when you use Facebook. You can also ask on Facebook to see if any of your friends can recommend a company to you. You could get great advice by asking here.

Look on websites such as Home Advisor or Angie’s List for bat control companies in your area. These websites are great because they include lots of information about the companies and reviews from past customers. Look at the reviews and learn what you can about the company, such as how long they have been in business. It’s also important to make sure they are licensed and insured in case something goes wrong or happens while they are removing bats from your home.

Take a look at their website, if they have one. Many of these companies do have websites and this is also a great place to learn information about them. You can even contact some of them through their website so you can get more information about their bat removal services.

Call each and every company that you find so you can get quotes on what it will cost to remove the bats from your home. These companies may need to see the infestation in person so they can better evaluate what you will be charged for them to remove the bats. They may also want to let you know the procedure for removing the bats and what you can expect. Learn what you can from them and hire the best one for the job.

Use the information here and start searching for a company to remove the bats from your home. It’s best to hire a company as soon as you realize you have a bat problem. Don’t wait any longer and start your search now.

Emergency Bat Control Services

Your pest control service problems generally does not wait for a convenient time to affect your family’s life. We are available to respond quickly, no matter what time, day or night. Give us a call at (269) 200-2640

Interesting Wildlife Story From Kalamazoo

We get the call all the time… “HELP! I have a bat in my house.” This is a daily occurrence in the Kalamazoo area. A lady called us early in the spring and complained of a bat in her home. We immediately dispatched one of our highly trained technicians that is an expert when it comes to bat removal. He was able to locate the bat that was flying around her living room and quickly remove it. His next course of action was to find out if there was a more serious underlying problem. The technician proceeded to do a thorough full home inspection. He started where bats typically enter a house from, the roof line. Low and behold evidence of a bat infestation. The bats had found cracks in the roofing that allowed them access to the attic. Once the bats find a way into the attic, they will not leave unless the proper measures are taken. After inspecting the roof and learning that the bats had made their way into the attic, our technician went ahead and inspected the attic oh the home. What he found, like we have seen so many other times, was guano (bat poop) covering the insulation. Guano is very toxic and should not be breathed in under any circumstances. When we are performing our inspections we always wear proper protective clothing as well as respirators so we are not exposed to nasty things like histoplasmosis. Once the technician finished his assessment of the property he devised a step by step plan to rid her house of bats for good. The first step was to address the entry points. Since you can not trap or harm bats in any way, you must exclude them humanely from a property. He went ahead and placed one way doors over their entry points that allow the bats to exit the home but not re-enter. Then he went around and located any possible holes that could be future entry points and sealed those up properly so the bats do not just relocate to a different point on the house. That is the first step in removing bats from an attic. The one way doors must be left on for a long enough period of time so that all the bats have left the attic. Once it is determined that there are not more bats nesting in the attic, it is safe to remove the one way doors and close those holes off permanently. At this point her house was bat free, but we still had to tackle the issue of that toxic bat poop being scattered throughout the attic. Luckily for her she called the right company. We are a full attic restoration company, so we were able to vacuum out all the infected insulation and guano, disinfect the attic space, and then put in new insulation leaving her home as good as new. Stories like these happen every day and here at, Platinum Wildlife Removal, we take pride in making sure the job is done right the first time.