Bat Removal Service Bat Control Company Mason, MI

Platinum Wildlife Removal is the best bat removal service in Mason, MI. We have years of experience as a bat removal service also known as a bat control company in Mason, MI. For over 12 years we have been helping mason residents out with their bat problems. Most people call us with a bat flying around their house and then we discover bats living in their attic. Once we arrive we do a full attic inspection to see how many bats are present in your attic. Since it is not legal to do bat trapping in Mason, MI you have to use a one way door system to evict the bats. We can advise you on the whole bat control process from start to finish and make sure your problem is solved. All of our bat exclusion and repair work is guaranteed and warrantied so you can sleep easy at night. So you have a bat problem and you live in the Mason area give us a call now!  (517) 455-7910

Bat Exclusion Process In Mason

When you hear a scratching noise in your attic or walls, that is a terrifying feeling. What type of animal is up there, what are the dangers, and most importantly how do you get rid of that animal in your attic?? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might need bat removal in Mason, MI.

These are all valid questions and concerns and we at Platinum Wildlife Removal are here to help. After hearing a scratching noise in your attic, your next call is important. One of the most popular animal removal issues that we run across in Mason Michigan is bats. They are everywhere and with the shrinking of their natural habitat, comes issues with bats in attics. Our team at Platinum Wildlife Removal are experts at bat exclusion work and attic restoration from bat infestations.

Step number one when dealing with bats in your home in Mason Mi is exclusion. What is bat exclusion? Bat exclusion is the only legal way to get rid of bats in an attic. A one way door is placed over the bat entry points that allows the bats to exit for food at night but blocks the bats from getting back into your attic when they try and return to roost.

The next step is sealing up all possible entry points so that the bats do not just find another access point into your attic. This is very important and requires a skilled bat removal professional who knows what to look for and where to look.

Once the bats have been excluded from the attic and our professional bat removal technician has confirmed there are no more bats in the attic, it is time to tackle cleanup and disinfecting. Cleaning up bat guano in an attic should only be done by professionals wearing the proper respirators and protective gear as to not infect the home or any one living in it. Again our team of bat control experts in Mason, MI are well trained in how to decontaminate an attic safely and let your family feel comfortable in your home again.

One final step that we offer that many of our competitors do not, is installing bat houses. While bats in your attic are an unwanted problem, bats play a key role in the environment. They also can eat thousands of insects every night. Our goal when installing bat houses is to let you and the bats coexist and allow you to benefit from the bats eating mosquitoes and other pesky insects, while still maintaining the safe home that you love so much.

All of our bat removal service in Mason, MI comes warrantied so you can sleep confident knowing you will never have a bat problem again. Platinum Wildlife Removal stand behind all bat exclusion work and we make sure the job is done right the first time, because we care about your families well being.

Why Hire a Bat Removal Company?

Nobody likes having bats in the attic. However, these tiny creatures manage to find their way in, building their nests and enjoying the good life in your house. You may believe this isn’t a big deal. However, you should be aware that your floor is soon going to be covered in bat poop, also known as guano. As you can easily imagine, this organic carpet smells pretty bad. Moreover, it attracts rats, mice and other pests that are soon going to take over your living space, exposing you and your family to various diseases and infections.

When you detect the presence of bats in your attic, the first thing to do is to find out how they got in and to seal off these spots. This isn’t your average DIY job, so you’ll have to find a reliable bat removal service in Mason, MI to have it done. There are several good reasons for doing so, as you are going to see in a moment.

Even if you manage to chase out all flying bats, you may not be able to remove all of them. Babies and bats that aren’t flying will still be left behind. Besides, chasing out the bats by night is illegal, so you risk a fine if you attempt it. Fumigation isn’t also allowed by law. This leaves you with barely any working method of getting rid of these little creatures. Hiring a bat removal services becomes your only solution to safely remove the pest from your home, without risking to become ill or to do something illegal.

When you have this job done by a professional bat removal service in Mason, MI, you can rest assured all animals are going to be safely removed from your property. These experts know exactly where to search for hidden bats, as they are familiar with their nesting habits. In addition, they are much more effective at detecting the holes in your roof or the other spots bats have used to get inside in the first place. By using a experienced local bat control company in Mason, MI, you’ll benefit from their experience to make your place proper for living again. These companies usually provide cleanup and disinfection services, so they can help you with everything required to remove the bats and to wipe off every single trace of their presence on your property.

As you can see, trying to get rid of a bats infestation by yourself isn’t the wisest thing to do. Your average methods are either illegal or ineffective, and you risk to get ill from coming into contact with the bat guano. In addition, you should be aware that the risk of contamination will still be presence after chasing out all the bats, so you’ll need proper disinfection of the entire space. Professional bat removal companies in Mason, MI have trained and skilled staff, as well as the right tools to get this job done quickly and in the most effective manner. This is something to consider when having to put up with the presence of bats in your home.


Why Use A Bat Poop Cleanup Service In Mason

Bats are cute and harmless animals, but they spread diseases that may send you straight to the hospital. Besides, bats live in colonies, the result being a huge mess caused by their poop. This is why you can’t tolerate them in your attic or in any other part of your house for that matter. Considering that bat poop may attract rodents and other pests, it’s easy to understand the need for removing it as soon as possible, once you discover it.

You may think finding and sealing up the entrance bats use to get inside may be enough for you to keep them out of your home. This isn’t the best approach ever, because you’d also need to remove the dirt, in order to make your space suitable for living again. There are a few good reasons why you should hire a bat poop cleanup service to help you get rid of all the mess generated by these tiny mammals.

Bat poop is full of bacteria and other germs that can make you very sick. This is why you should avoid contact with it by all means. You’d have to wear protective equipment, and make sure no part of your body gets into contact with the bat droppings or with the contaminated items. As the risk of getting sick is extremely high, you can’t afford to ignore this threat only to save a few dollars by not hiring an expert to help you clean up the place. Hospitalization and treatments may cost a lot more, while also threatening your life and preventing you from going on with your day-to-day activities. Besides, disposing of bio-hazardous stuff is very problematic, as you can’t simply put such things in your regular trash containers.

You should also keep in mind that bat guano has an extremely bad smell. You really need a tough stomach or special equipment to cope with that. This makes it almost impossible for the average homeowner to remove the bats permanently, to lean up the dirt and to decontaminate and deodorize the space.

When you hire a bat poop cleanup service, you won’t have to get into contact with any of the contaminated stuff. These experts, wearing their full protective equipment, will use professional tools to remove all dirt and dispose of it the proper way. Moreover, professional services have the tools and the knowledge of cleaning and disinfecting everything, so that you can use your living space again, without any fear of becoming sick.

In conclusion, using specialized services to remove the bats and their droppings is an absolute must. Fumigation and sealing off your home by night are illegal, so you shouldn’t even think about such measures. Cleaning up all the dirt and disinfecting the space can make you sick, so you shouldn’t do that either. All these lead to the point that you have to make use of professional services to get rid of this pest and of all traces of bat poop on your property.