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Bat Removal Service in West Bloomfield, MI

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Top Rated Bat Removal Service

Bat removals are something people don’t mull over as much as they should, but you are going to need a quick resolution. Platinum Wildlife Removal is a expert bat removal service that is accredited, trusted, and one of the best in the region at what it does. You are going to see competent results from specialists who can craft a strategy that’s meaningful. Here is more on why this is the ultimate bat removal service and the one you should be looking to rely on moving forward.

This is a top-tier team and the best fit for your bat removal requirements.

Immediate Bat Removal Service

What is the one thing all property owners will aim for when it comes to bats on their property?

You are going to want a swift removal.

This is why the service is going to set up a plan in seconds and start to remove the bats one by one. This is all about going to those who know what it means to be time-efficient and are not going to make you wait around. You will be able to see the work get done as soon as you want. This is the beauty of a good service when it starts working for your needs.

Safe Bat Removal Methods

What methods are going to be used to get rid of the bats when the team comes in?

All methods employed for removing bats are safe and vetted. You are looking at a service that knows it has to use a solution in line with modern requirements. It is not going to force the wrong solution or build a strategy that is inconsistent with your property’s needs.

All plans are going to be handled the right way, and that is going to include using solutions that are as safe as possible. Trust this service to offer a competent option without using the wrong materials.

Proven Bat Exclusion Company

Going to a certified specialist is the best route to take as it will eliminate the chances of mistakes being made. Removing bats is all about knowing what to do and choosing the right approach. This service is going to take a look at where the bats are located on the property before coming up with a robust solution.

This will help get rid of the bats and ensure the property is brought back to how it was before the bat infestation. Look to speak with a certified specialist, so this removal is done rapidly.

This service is rated as being among the best in the business at removing bats and will ensure it is done the right way. Eliminating bats shouldn’t be a DIY project nor should it be left to those who are unable to get rid of them properly. With this bat removal service, you are looking for a team that is specialized and is going to know how to handle the animal when necessary. This attention to detail and specialization is a must for those who want perfection when it comes to removing bats. You will see it here immediately.

Hear that scratching noise in the attic? Chances are if you’re in a wooded neighborhood in West Bloomfield Michigan, possibly even on some water, that scratching noise in your attic is bats! While this is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with promptly and by a professional bat removal company. Luckily you have landed on the right page.

Bats in the attic are our specialty. Our team of trained wildlife removal specialists have spent years learning and perfecting the craft of bat exclusion, bat removal, attic restoration, and all other aspects of bat control.

Here is a story of a customer that was serviced by our bat specialist, Andrew. we received a call from a distraught lady who said for the past several days she had been hearing a scratching noise above her two year old sons room. She was very concerned with what it was but really had no clue on where to start. We sent Andrew out on a Friday night so we could access what was scratching in her attic. When Andrew arrived the customer told him that it was making the noise right then and she directed him straight to her son’s room where the noise was very distinct. Andrew had a suspicion right from the start that it was bats. Her house was right on a lake surrounded by large trees. He proceeded to locate the entry to the attic. After placing his ladder up to the opening and removing the attic door, he turned on his flashlight and low and behold…BATS! They were flying around everywhere. Andrew, being a well trained bat specialist knew what he’d be doing next. He went outside and looked for the entry points. It was clear as day where the bats were coming in from the vent on the side of her house had been damaged by either a tree or possibly some other type of animal in the past and there was a large hole that the bats were flying in and out of. Andrew proceeded to point out that entry point to the customer as well as other potential problem areas. He then came up with a game plan and described it in detail to the lady. First comes the one way doors. These will allow the bats to exit through that hole but not come back in. Next those other problem areas would need to be sealed off so the bats don’t just move to a different spot on her roof and then we are back at square one. Once everything is sealed up and the bats have all been excluded from the home, attic restoration can begin. This includes vacuuming out all of the bat guano, any infected insulation and then disinfecting the attic so there are no viruses looming from all that bat poop. Once it’s all cleaned up and disinfected we can re insulate the attic and then the home is as good as new! (248) 306-9169