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Why Use A Raccoon Removal Service?

From a distance, they look very cute and adorable. But when they start taking over your home, they aren’t as cute and adorable anymore. Everyone can agree that raccoons have a natural way of making themselves comfortable in human surroundings, but the situation can also get dangerous. The fact of the matter is that a raccoon will try to protect itself when faced with danger, so you need to approach the situation carefully. In other words, call a professional raccoon removal service.

What You Need To Know

You have to understand that raccoons are generally harmless creatures. They don’t run a massive conspiracy to live under your porch for a couple of months, only to assassinate you in the middle of the night.

Once they find a spot in or near your home, they are simply going to use it as a shelter. Now, there are some things you can try to move the raccoon along, and you can easily research these methods online. But the two things you have to remember is that the raccoon is scared of you, and you want to use the most humane way of getting it back into nature.

Why Use A Professional Raccoon Removal Service?

Some individuals have skills when it comes to working with wildlife. It’s almost as if they have a natural talent with animals, and they have no problem getting rid of the raccoon safely and securely.

For the rest of the people, you can call a raccoon removal service. And here is a breakdown of why you should make that call:

– It Is Dangerous

As mentioned before, raccoons are cute and adorable, but they are still wild animals. Their teeth and claws are sharp, and when threatened, they are going to use them. Professionals are prepared and trained to handle this dangerous situation without anyone getting hurt. Can you say the same?

– You Need Knowledge And Equipment

Just like every other animal, raccoons have their complexities and way of life. And when you know about these complexities and traits, it is much easier to remove them from your property. Once again, a professional removal service will have personnel who know everything about raccoons. They are aware of their habits, and they know exactly how to catch them.

At the same time, they have the right equipment to handle the job. Without the right equipment, you run the risk of hurting the animal and yourself.

– Special Circumstances

In some cases, things might get a little complicated. For example, the raccoon could be a mother and her babies are still underneath your porch. So, the last thing you want is to trap the mother and leave the babies starving.

By calling a professional, you can rest assured that all the raccoons will be removed safely and humanely. And you can also rest assured they are released back into the wild, where they really belong.

In the end, it’s always best to call a professional, especially if you want the raccoon to be removed safely.

Tips And Info About A Raccoons Behavior That Will Surprise You

Anyone that lives near a forested area in North America is probably familiar with raccoons. They’re pretty animals that seem to be very intelligent and exhibit traits that make them appear to be human-like in several different ways. They aren’t afraid of humans and love to come onto porches and patios to eat whatever we put out for them, but are they good pets? Are they dangerous to have around your home? Should you be feeding them? Let’s take a look at some info about a raccoons behavior, where they prefer to live, and what they like to eat.

Although They Are The Size Of A Dog, They’re More Closely Related To Bears

They really look as though they could be related to foxes, they have similar facial features, but bears seem to be their genetic closest relatives. Their name comes from the phrase “washer dog” because of their habit of washing most of their food in water before they eat it.

Most people don’t realize that raccoons can purr, similar to a cat and their growl also sounds a lot like a cat growl too. They hiss, more like an opossum, plus make a small whinny sound, like a horse with a towel over its nose. They can be very vocal, but just like our good friends, dogs, and cats, some of them are and some aren’t on an individual basis.

One very human characteristic is their use of their small paws just like human hands. They are very nimble and can be taught to do a lot of tricks just like a human child would. They will also surprise any human captors by being able to open a cage lock, untie a shoelace or rope, and can easily pick up dimes or even be taught to retrieve them from pockets. Researchers have tested their basic intelligence and decided that they are smarter than cats and almost as smart as a small monkey.

Raccoons Can Be Good Pets, But There’s A Catch

If you look on the internet, you’ll find stories of how great little pets raccoons can be, and then horror stories on how they should be left outside in the wild. Of course, there are several sides to the story.

You should never try to make a pet out of a wild raccoon, they’ve already developed habits that make it nearly impossible to domesticate them. If you do decide to get one, it’s best if you get it from a breeder or at least get a very small baby that is used to being held by a human since shortly after birth. They like to bite, a lot like that little kitten you’ve had, but they may not grow out of it. They have very sharp teeth and can easily pierce through the skin. That’s the bad info about a raccoons behavior you should be aware of.

They can live long lives, up to 15 years, and they’ll need care just like a dog or cat if you want to go on vacation. You can’t just throw them outside and expect them to learn how to fend for themselves after being domesticated. Luckily, they like a variety of fruits, vegetables, dog food, and chicken, so they are easy to find food for and can eat many of the same foods as humans.

If you have some raccoons living near your home, you can feed them, but it develops into a bad habit for them and can cause problems. They’ll get used to getting free food and not foraging for their own then if you move away and stop feeding them, they could actually starve. Plus, when feeding local raccoons, you’ll end up with far more of them over time, and you’ll be stuck buying more food than you ever wanted to for your furry and friendly forest friends.

Do Raccoons Dig Holes In The Ground?

If you have seen holes in your backyard that are relatively small, these are likely made by a gopher. It’s also possible that they could be made by squirrels that are simply looking for the nuts and acorns that they stored during the winter. Larger holes are likely made by dogs, or there is the possibility that they were made by raccoons. Let’s discuss do raccoons dig holes in the ground, and if they do, why they would pursue this activity.

Why Do Most Animals Dig Holes?

Most of the animals that dig holes are looking for some type of food. For example, if a dog has buried a bone, they are trying to dig it up. Animals that consume insects will dig on a continual basis. Finally, some animals just dig for fun.

Do Raccoons Actually Dig Holes?

There are three reasons why a raccoon will dig a hole in the ground. The most common reason is that they are looking for food. They are constantly looking for insects that they can eat, ones that they can either eat right off the ground or gravel with their hands and claws. The second reason is that they are digging up vegetables. This is something that can happen if you have a garden. The third reason is that they may be digging what is called a ground burrow.

Why Would A Raccoon Create A Ground Burrow

These are considered a measure of last resort when raccoons do this type of digging. They prefer living in areas where they have access to water, preferably in a hollow tree. If you have ever walked through a forest, and you have seen many dead trees or fallen trees in the area, it is likely that many of them are homes for certain animals. The ground burrow is where they will go if they have no other choice. Winter may be coming and they need to have a placed to survive. Like squirrels, this is part of their genetic makeup, and they will simply know what to do if they need to dig one of these boroughs out.

Where Do Raccoons Prefer Living?

Raccoons can be in many different locations. It is common for them to find their way into muskrat houses, abandoned buildings, barns, and even brush piles. If they must, they will go into rock crevices, haystacks, and you may actually see them in clumps of cattails. If raccoons could stay at any one location, it would likely be a man-made structure. This provides them with the most protection. This is very true when they are giving birth. They need to be in a spot where they are safe that cannot be accessed by other animals.

The answer to do raccoons dig holes in the ground has just been answered in a couple of ways. It is clear that raccoons dig for more food. They are looking for insects, but others might be trying to survive. That’s why they may dig a deep hole to create a ground burrow.