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The Most Common Raccoon Removal Process From Attic

When you have raccoons in the attic area of your home, you will need to remove them promptly. They can begin to breed upstairs, and after a period of time, it can be hard to get them out. They may have initially entered in as a result of a whole that is in the attic where they squeeze through. They can easily make the opening larger because they have hands with opposable thumbs, and are extremely strong creatures. You will need to find professionals that can get rid of them. This overview of the most common raccoon removal process from attic will show you what needs to be done.

How Do Most Raccoons Get Into An Attic?

Many of the raccoons that entered into an attic do so through a couple different methods. They will find a loose board that they can move through which they can access the attic area. There could be dry rot which is where they will go in after perhaps pulling back some of the material. There may also be a window that is open, and if there is, they can simply climb up the side of your house and into the attic area. Now that you know how they are able to get in, you need to know how to get them out. There are procedures that can be done, and traps that can be used, to make this a much more successful procedure.

Will It Be Difficult To Get Them All Out?

The difficulty in removing them is that they may become very comfortable in this area if they have been there for several months. They may have also started breeding, and there might be babies that are already inside. When this occurs, you will find it very difficult to get them to leave and they may also become quite vicious. Calling a professional will be the only course of action that will help you get rid of them safely.

What Type Of Procedure Will They Use?

They will use procedures that are designed to get rid of them as quickly as they can. This typically involves the use of a cage. Unlike bats which you can catch in a net placed outside of an opening, raccoons need to be lured into a cage similar to squirrels. They will bring several with them. This will allow them to set them all up, put in the bait, and the traps will do the rest.

This general raccoon removal process from attic system is one that is used all the time. It can be done by people that buy the traps, but professionals often have better luck with these procedures. They will have years of experience and every possible trap that you can imagine. They will know how the raccoons will react, and how to position them to get the best results. For those that have never had raccoons in their attic before, it’s not that difficult to remove them. You simply need to have the best traps available so that you can complete this process.

Some Information about Raccoon Teeth

When most people think about raccoons, the first thing that they envision are the black circles around their eyes, the unusual behavior or perhaps the fact that the use their front paws to wash their food before they eat it. Those certainly are interesting characteristics about raccoons but there is also something else that is interesting, and it involves the teeth of the raccoon. In fact, there are a number of factors that make the raccoon unique in its ability to eat certain foods.

When considering information about raccoon teeth, you would really need to think about the type of teeth that they have in their mouth. Generally speaking, they have a similar set up as any other omnivores because they have molars, canines, and incisors. Of course, it may look slightly different than other omnivores, such as dogs, but on a general level, they are not all that indifferent from other animals that eat similar foods. After all, that is really what the teeth are for, tearing the food from the bone and chewing it so that the digestive process can start.

There is, of course, a significant difference between the teeth of a raccoon and other omnivores that should be kept in mind. It’s the upper canine, and if you were to look at one in a raccoon’s mouth, you would see that it is different than what you would find in a dog’s mouth. Instead of being completely rounded, the canine in a raccoon actually has a rather sharp edge that is similar to a blade. This tooth makes it very easy for a raccoon to shred its food and if they were to bite you, it would no doubt do a significant amount of damage because of that tooth as well.

Something else that is also interesting about the teeth of a raccoon is actually associated with the strength of their jaw. All animals have a significantly strong jaw and even humans have a bite strength that can really do some damage. When most of us think about jaw strength, however, we may envision a pitbull and they can bite down with a vengeance, clamping on and not leaving go. A raccoon is similar. Their jaws are extremely powerful, making it easier for them to tear into the food that is in front of them and making short order of it.

In fact, one of the more interesting pieces of information about raccoon teeth is the combination of the strength of the jaw and the unique upper canine. It is that combination that allows a raccoon to tear through almost anything they can possibly get there paw’s on, regardless of whether it is a chicken bone or anything else that they may happen to dig out of the trash. Those pieces of food don’t stand a chance and before you know it, they are making short order of it and it is gone. It’s a good thing we don’t have to go up against them in a chewing match because they would win every time.