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Raccoon Control Service

Do you hear alarming scratching, running and noises in the attic? Have you recently noticed a foul odor around your house? If yes, you may be having wildlife issues with skunks, bats, raccoons and squirrels turning your home into theirs. It’s time you did something about this as if ignored, wildlife at home becomes more a problem than a nuisance. (248) 306-9169

Wildlife has to be removed professionally, which is where we can help. We are available 24/7 for all the wildlife removal services you require like removing dead animals, animal exclusion work and humane trapping. We also provide additional services like cleaning and restoring your atticbat guano and raccoon feces removal and skunk proofing your deck. (248) 306-9169

Raccoon Removal

Do you have raccoons climbing on your roof? If yes, they spell big trouble as they can tear through even brand new roofs in a few minutes, to leave an opening for water to enter. Besides, the last thing you need to happen is raccoons entering your chimney through an unsecured damper plate and giving birth there. Squirrels and birds too may accidentally fall into the chimney, and need help to get out or end up dying a painful death to leave a putrid smell in your home.

We can help get rid of raccoons if you have a raccoon infestation. We not only remove them, but also use effective raccoon control measures to prevent future infestations. Any attic clean out services we perform will be covered by your insurance company.

Bat Control & Exclusion

Did you know that a bat needs only a crack as big as a matchbook to infest your home? You know you have bats at your home if there’s strong ammonia smell of accumulated urine and guano.

Bats are protected by federal law, which is why it’s illegal to harm or kill them. This is why bats can be removed only at specific times of the year. We keep this in mind while providing bat control solutions to not only get rid of bats and control colonies, but also to keep them out for good. We will restore your attic insulation with your insurance company upon removing the bats.

Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels can easily enter your attic by pushing through light screens, and once they make your home theirs, you may end up facing two squirrel intrusions in a year as squirrels deliver their litters twice a year.

Skunk Trapping & Control

Skunks are not only smelly, but are also messy as they leave huge heaps of dirt wherever they go, and create havoc and destroy lawns while looking for food. Birds are no less a headache as they build so many nests in your attic, and some may even die amidst the nests and leave a foul smell in your home.

Dead Animals & Complete Solutions

No matter what the infestation may be, our wildlife control technicians are available emergency 24/7 to handle all kinds of wildlife removal emergencies. We provide all types of immediate wild help like humane trapping solutions, animal exclusion work, wildlife relocation, raccoon damage repair and clean up, squirrel control/removal, bat removal solutions, skunk control/removal, dead animal removal, opossum removal, bird nest removal and prevention and much more.


Learn The History Of West Bloomfield Michigan From Reliable Sources

West Bloomfield Michigan is also known as the lake township of Oakland County, due to thew big number of lakes in the area. As a matter of fact, the history of West Bloomfield Michigan shows us that back in 1833, Bloomfield Township was split in two parts. The western part is what we know today as West Bloomfield.

If you want to know more about the history of West Bloomfield Michigan, you should seek for trustworthy and reputable sources of information. While Wikipedia doesn’t offer a lot in the history section, the official website of Bloomfield Township does. The Michigan State University Libraries website is another excellent source of information. Here you can read “Bloomfield Blossoms: Glimpses into the History of Bloomfield Township,” a book authored by Kay Smith, which is probably the most exhaustive document about the historic past of this area. The book is available online, so you won’t need to spend your time in the library to read it. Besides, the greatest advantage of online reading is that you can take screen captures of the pages that interest you the most, in order to save them for later use. These two resource alone will offer you many hours, weeks and even months of study.

Once you become an expert in the history of this place, you’ll be able to review the assessments of historical property dating back to 1844. This is impressive, as all old documents have been scanned, and therefore made available online. All these documents are electronically searchable. If you’ve ever worked in an archive or a library, you probably know how difficult it is to search for something when you only have paper documents or scans that don’t allow searching for specific words.

The Bloomfield Historical Society can also be a good source of information. They also have a website where they showcase various presentations and documents that might interest you. As a matter of fact, you should probably contact the representatives of this society, and ask them everything you need to know. They are probably the most qualified persons to provide you all details about this dwelling, its buildings and its inhabitants.

The Oakland County Historical Resources are online databases you can study. They are also fully searchable, and they contain text and digitized images, maps and photos, as well as their sources and citations.

All these sources of information are official and reliable. You can trust them to offer their readers only real information and photos dating back to the 1800s. Most documents you’re going to find are copyright free, as they have been published before 1930.

If nothing helps you find what you need, you may want to contact The Oakland County Genealogical Society. This is a nonprofit organization that studies and promotes genealogy among the community members. They may be able to help you in your quest to learn everything about the roots and the distinctive features of West Bloomfield, and about the people living here.