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Having wild animals such as bats and raccoons invade your home can be severely stressful. Unfortunately, do it yourself methods tend to cause more harm than they actually solve. This is because untrained individuals may not consider everything an expert in animal removal services can. Thus, a few weeks after the homeowner has tried to get rid of the unwanted guests, his home is full of new ones. For effective wild animal removal, it is important to get a professionally trained company to handle the problem. This is because they offer all-inclusive services.

Bat Control and Removal Getting rid of bats is easier said than done. They love attics and if left alone for several years, their colony can grow into hundreds of individuals. Removing bats is a difficult challenge and professionals must train for a while before they are able to remove an entire bat pollution. Bats have very corrosive droppings which can also be a severe health risk to the homeowners. Many state laws prevent the killing of bats as a way to remove them. We offer solutions that solve bat infestations permanently in a safe and legal way. Raccoons Control and Removal Like bats, killing a raccoon is illegal.

These curious and mischievous creatures are nocturnal and can cause significant damage to lawns, trashcans, and buildings. Getting rid of these resilient creatures is no mean feat. They are persistent and once they begin to reproduce, they take more time and effort to remove. Companies that offer animal removal services use traps to capture raccoons alive and relocate them.Other Professional Services Getting rid of wild animals is only part of the solution.

Great animal removal companies also offer services such as:

1. Exclusion repairs on the household to prevent future invasions by wild animals. Successful exclusion requires that all animal entry points be identified and sealed. Repairs should be done using materials which the animals cannot chew through such as cement and metal.

2. Antimicrobial clean up services which get rid of any animal wastes left behind in hiding spots. Bats and raccoons urinate, defecate and even give birth in their nesting place, such as your attic, endangering all the occupants of the house. Antimicrobial cleaning breaks down any organic waste matter left.

3. Repairs to any insulation and wall damage caused by the wild animals. Wild animals may chew through cables and walls. Getting rid of wild animals may be frustrating, but we make it smooth sailing for our esteemed clients. We offer animal removal services that not only remove the invading creatures safely but also protects you and your home. Contact us today for our quality services.

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Do Raccoons Have Good Hearing Or Not?

If you have noticed that there are many raccoons in your immediate area, you might wonder a little bit about these animals. They are very unique with the patches on their eyes, and the claws that they have on their paws. The striped tail is also noticeable, but you may want to consider some other characteristics of these creatures. These mammals are very unique, and they do have excellent eyesight, but you may wonder do raccoons have good hearing. The following information will address this question, providing you with an answer that might be helpful if you have to interact with raccoons on a daily basis.

What Exactly Is A Raccoon?

Raccoons are mammals that you will not find anywhere else except in North America. They can be quite large, growing to almost 30 inches in length, and they adapt very well in most climates. For example, they will shed some of their for during the warm summer months. During the winter, this will become a very formidable coat that will protect them from extreme temperatures. They have great eyesight and instincts, but one thing that many people do not know about is whether or not they have good hearing.

Do Raccoons Have Good Hearing?

Raccoons have excellent hearing for a mammal. These are animals that are primarily nocturnal, but they do interact during the day. This is how many people see them, usually on trees, walking across fences, and sometimes will be on top of roofs of buildings. They have only a fair sense of taste and smell. They do have good eyesight, but there hearing is exceptional. This is very helpful since these creatures primarily interact at night, allowing them to know what is around them.

Other Characteristics Of Raccoons That You Should Know

Raccoons are phenomenal tree climbers. They can go up and down trees very easily, similar to a squirrel. Raccoons have very long tails, often consisting of half of their body length. Raccoons are colorblind, and they also have bad eyesight during the day. That is why they have enhanced hearing capabilities, something that is necessary for their survival. The average raccoon can be as small as 12 pounds fully grown. However, they can be 35 pounds or more. They are primarily made up of fat, and that is why they do so well in areas such as the United States and Canada.

Now that you know the answer to do raccoons have good hearing, you can better understand why they travel during the night. It is because of their poor vision during the day that they spend most of their lives participating in the wilderness, and in communities, during the evening and early morning hours. If you think that you can sneak up on a raccoon, that is something you will never do because they can hear everything around them. These are creatures that you should respect, and also admire, because of their unique appearance and other capabilities.