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Bats And Raccoons
You might be a helpless animal lover, you also might find bats and raccoons really adorable. Having them in your attic, however, is not anywhere near the term adorable. These uninvited guests will make your nights longer and days unbearable. What you don’t want to do, which also we don’t advocate for, is a measure that will harm the animals.
Problems Brought By Bats And Raccoons Living In The Attic
Bats and raccoons can be a pain to live with. The following are the things to expect once these animals become your housemates.
  • Bat and Raccoon droppings: These creatures, especially the bats, will stink up your entire house. Bats are notoriously known for that. The droppings (poo and pee) tend to accumulate and take over your fresh-air-days. You will practically be living under manure.
  • A very dirty attic. The attic becomes unbearable. Raccoons are well known for digging up garbage for trash food. They will drag the trash food and nesting into your attic. Some of these animals will unfortunately die in the attic. The trash and the dead bats and raccoons most certainly will begin to rot, adding to the bad smell.
  • Noise pollution. These two animals, regardless of their age, will make annoying noises. Now there comes the lengthy sleepless nights.
  • Damaged attic floor. The rotting content in the attic plus the constant supply of urine will make the wooden attic floor rot too. The eventual result is the collapse of the attic, a health hazard.
  • Disease Risk. These are wild animals living with you. They collect a little bit too much out there, which will include disease causing germs and pests. This can be another health risk in your home. Talk of diseases like rabies and pests like fleas.
Why You’ll Need Animal Removal Services Experts
When you have a bat and raccoon outbreak in your attic, the best thing is to call us and our experts will respond to the problem with immediate effect. Our experts will safely remove these animals from the attic. We care much about these animals and focus on their safety as much as we care about you. Now, our experts will not just drive these unwanted guests out but also take care of the damage extent. What damage are we repairing? Talk of a pest and diseases. Our pathologists will conduct a study on the extent of the spread the germs and pests in the attic and curb the problem.
Dead bats and raccoons and their droppings? Our team will remove all the droppings to reclaim your attic’s original aesthetic state. We are a licensed wild animal removal services company. We practice professional animal trapping, which if done poorly can harm the animals. So don’t wallow in this problem while our help is just a call away.

Emergency Animal Control Services

Your pest control service problems generally does not wait for a convenient time to affect your family’s life. We are available to respond quickly, no matter what time, day or night. Give us a call at (248) 306-9169

Do Bats Have Sharp Teeth? Everything You Need To Know About Bat Teeth

Do bats have sharp teeth? This is a complicated question to answer. While there isn’t a single correct answer to this question, here are a few of the things we know about bats and their teeth.

Not All Bats Have The Same Teeth

There are many different types of bats. The majority of bats eat insects. Some bats eat fruit, and some bats eat only nectar. There are also carnivorous bats.

Different bats have different needs, which means not all bats have the same kind of teeth. Some bats have very sharp teeth, but other bats have long tongues and dull teeth.

Bat Teeth Can Be Sharp In Different Ways

Some bats have teeth with sharp outer edges. This is particularly true of bats that live off of insects. Their teeth work a lot like shears. Other bats have teeth that are similar to fangs. Bat teeth can be sharp in all kinds of ways.

Bats Have Sharp Teeth For A Reason

The bats that do have sharp teeth have them for a good reason. Fruit-eating bats have teeth that can pierce through fruit with a tough skin. Insect-eating bats are able to remove insects from their exoskeletons before eating them. If a bat has sharp teeth, it’s safe to assume that they are putting those teeth to good use.

Bat Teeth Are Usually Small

Bats generally don’t have large teeth. Bat teeth tend to be tiny, even when the bat itself is fairly big. However, the small size of these teeth doesn’t have any impact on their sharpness.

Do bats have sharp teeth? Now that you have the answer to this question, you should have a deeper understanding of bats and how they live. Bats are very compelling creatures, and their teeth are one of the many things that help them to stand out.