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Animals are living things too, and they need to have a safe life. Humans should treat them with care and caution. But what to do when a wild and dangerous animal move close to the human vicinity and find a way to enter the homes or commercial building? They are the source of different diseases, can damage the property, and even are dangerous because they can attack and hurt humans. So in such cases when they are dangerous and are the source for nuisance for humans, wildlife control is enforced humanely. Such methods are adopted that would not only remove the animal from human vicinity but also they are removed in such a way that maximum hurt can be avoided and return them to nature where they belong.


Damage by Bats and Raccoons


Animal-like bats and raccoons can easily find a way to the attic of houses, through chimneys etc. They start to live in the attic and make it their home because it is less visited part of the house. With passing days they will become a source of complete nuisance, damage the attic, the insulations and make it dirty with all types of things. Apart from these, they are a source of germs and diseases in-house. Raccoons and bats pass through all sort of areas and then they move around the house spreading all sorts of germs, leaving you and your family close to all sort of diseases. Also, there would be remains of feces all around the house, thus turning it into a house of dirt damaging each and everything. They are also the enemy of insulations biting their way through it and completely damaging it. Thus they need to be removed and placed back into their natural environment, keeping the flow of nature intact.


Damage Control


Bats, Raccoons, pests etc. when entering your house, interferes with your environment, affecting it badly. They would be removed by the services safely. They will take proper care that the wildlife is not damaged. Traps and baits are arranged properly to catch them, noticing the fact that what type of animals they are and how they should be captured. Size of the trap is considered according to the size of the animal, traps that are too small are not used because it would hurt the animal and is considered a cruelty towards the animal. Different types of animals require a different type of baits and traps, and also different types of techniques are used to capture them. They are removed from the house, taking best measures to for the safety of both the animal and the household


Restoring Attics, Replacing Insulation and Proper Sanitation


Even after the bats and raccoons have been removed, they are certain damages in the house that need to be addressed. Wild animals can cause a lot of damage to your home, most probably to the attic, insulation and also there are feces around the house that need to be cleaned. The insulation is replaced; all the damages were done by rodents, raccoons and bats are restored. And after that, the house and attic are cleaned and are treated with anti-microbe cleaning and killing all the germs and bacteria. Thus making your house all again safe and clean. Also, traps are set to the entrance of the houses to avoid the animals from entering again.


Emergency Animal Control Services


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Do Bats Climb Trees: Fun Facts About Bats

Bats are an interesting creature to study. They are over 1,000 different bat species in the world and each one has their difference when it comes to diet, communications, and habitat. One question that has been asked by a reader is, Do Bats Climb Trees? This question will get answered today. Here are some quick interesting facts about bats:

Do Bats Climb Trees?

The answer to this question is, Yes they sure can. Bats uses their thumbs as claws, which helps them climb trees when needed. This ability helps bats reach high altitudes when they prepare to take off in flight. If you ever spot a bat in a tree, you may see them climbing up with their wings inward. You may also spot some, in the classic bat position, upside down. Bats also like to swing from branch to branch.

Other Interesting Facts About Bats

Bats can eat as many as 2000 – 3000 insects in a night. Many people have taken advantage of this by setting up bat houses in their yard to help get rid of mosquitoes. Some bats have actually evolved to eat small mice, lizards, and frogs. None of these bats live in North America though, as of now they are only unique to South America. Other bat diets include blood from mammals and nectar from flowers. The ones that drink nectar has evolved to have a long tongue to reach inside of the flowers.

Bats are one of those animals that we can keep learning about the more we study them. As for today, you have learned that bats do indeed climb trees, so you can go ahead and share these with your friends. You can also let them know how efficient bats are at killing insects and suggest they get a bat house.