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When wildlife and pests make your house their home, they become a nuisance. If you need state of the art animal removal services, then you have come to the right place. You will get all the information that you need and the services that we offer to make your house safe and free from wildlife. We know the dangers and health risks of having raccoons and bats in the attic. We also understand the damages that they can cause and we have the skills, experience, and ability to repair them.

Raccoons Management

Raccoons in the attic can cause stress and discomfort. The creature is known for its curiosity and strength. Over the years, research has shown that raccoons have perfected the art of taking advantage of homeowners. Initially, they will be feeding on your garbage, and before you know it, they will start taking away pet food. Finally, they will make the attic their home where the females give birth. The raccoons will always cause massive damages in your attic.

Our animal removal services offer you the best and lasting solution to the raccoons. We first ensure that we identify their entry points. Finding a raccoon entry point is not easy because they can even make a hole in shingles or roof causing massive damages. Raccoons easily notice and utilize small openings in your house for instance, in ventilations and other tiny spaces. We make sure that these loopholes are secured. We remove raccoon droppings are repair any insulation damages that they may have caused.

Bats in the Attic

Did you know that bats can squeeze through tiny openings of 3/8 inches? Another probable the reason why removing bats that have made a home in the attic area a complicated process in the field of wildlife removal. It is challenging to notice bats initially because of their nocturnal nature. However, once they have multiplied in your attic, you will hear them squeaking and making a lot of ruckuses. The bats leave their smelly droppings in the attic. If not removed on time, these can accumulate until they become hazardous, capable of causing severe infections such as lung cancer house owners and inhabitants.

We offer animal removal services that protect you from all these dangers and nuisances. We ensure that bat control and damage repairs are promptly and professionally handled. Clean Up of droppings and feces is also our priority and we guarantee all attic insulation repairs.

Emergency Animal Control Services

Your pest control service problems generally does not wait for a convenient time to affect your family’s life. We are available to respond quickly, no matter what time, day or night. Give us a call at (248) 306-9169