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The eco system is a necessary, delicate balance. But climate change and the expansion of industrial and human habitation into hitherto animal natural habitat is distorting this balance thereby causing a record increase in reported cases of wildlife control problems across the United States. Our company has been at the frontier of wildlife control and removal for many years, helping many homeowners like yourself out of their wildlife control problems.




And because we value the eco system, our procedures are structured to humanely and effectively remove wildlife from your homes and properties, ensuring that you have more time for the things you love, while ensuring that you have the well deserved long break from unwanted wildlife invasions. So, be it raccoons, rodents, bats in your chimneys, opossums in walls, or a stray family of foxes, our wildlife control service is designed to help resolve individual-specific challenges.




Problems associated with wildlife invasion vary widely, depending on the species, the size or number of animals, and ultimately, the layout, location and size of your home. A delayed response to wildlife invasion nuisance can result to a wide range of problems, including damage to attic insulation, punctured heating and cooling ducts, a real risk of fire outbreak due to chewed and exposed electric cables, the potential for respiratory infections of occupants caused by poor cleaning methods and inadequate disinfection of animal droppings and urine. The list goes on.




Our well trained staffs don’t just come on your property to bait and trap trespassing wildlife, because we understand that wildlife control entails more than just animal removal. That is why we integrate scientific and innovative approaches to help you take care of, and resolve individual wildlife control challenges. Our services include animal removal, animal pest control, animal damage repair, and animal exclusion.



First we undertake a careful, detailed inspection of your home or property to gather as much information about all the factors involved. We do this to ascertain the seriousness and risks posed by the type of wildlife concerned. Our procedures include:



1). Determining the species and its mental state, the size and number of animals involved



2). Assessing dangers posed to homeowners and their pets (an otherwise shy raccoon for example can become aggressive and attack homeowners due to improper removal methods). We also determine the extent of damage to your home and property



3). Then we ascertain if the problem is a one-off, seasonal, or ongoing concern, especially for animal pest control and bat control



4). Next we analyze and select the most appropriate remedy for effective and lasting animal control, removal or exclusion



5). We remove all animal waste like bat guano in your attic, raccoon feces, bat droppings etc, then safely and effectively dispose off all such



6). We carry out repairs to damaged attic insulation, cables, punctured heating and cooling ducts, and all perimeter breaches



7). We disinfect your home and property with eco friendly anti microbial disinfectants that break down and destroy disease bearing bacteria found in raccoon feces, bat guano, urine etc. which can otherwise cause respiratory infections if left in your heating and cooling systems.



8). You decide, based on our suggestions and the options we present to you, the type of animal control and wildlife exclusion best suited to your home. This will ensure that unwanted wildlife invasion is taken out of your worries.



Though we carry out extensive and comprehensive wildlife control, our services are designed to be dynamic and flexible to meet the various needs of our numerous clients, irrespective of their budgets. We will be waiting to hear from you


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