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Professional Wildlife Removal Services has been serving all of Metro Detroit and will make the short drive to Grosse Pointe to assist with your animal removal needs at your residence or place of business. Nuisance animals are quite a concern even in Grosse Pointe and removal should never be attempted by someone who is inexperienced. Let the Grosse Pointe wildlife control specialists handle your critter removal, safely and efficiently.

From rats to bats to snakes (and several other species), we specialize in effectively removing rodents and wildlife while tending to the cleanup of the traces and damage they leave behind. We will also find their access points and eliminate them so you will not have the issue reoccur. We have years of animal control experience and have several elated customers throughout Southeast Michigan.

We are skilled wildlife control experts here to resolve your nuisance animal problem. We are knowledgeable regarding all types of species and will tailor our service to your specific circumstances. Also, we can address any particular items on your property that might be attracting nuisance animals.

Emergency Animal Removal Service for Grosse Pointe

Your animal control problem never seems to happen at a convenient moment. This is why we are available to address it for you, no matter the time of day or night. Give us a call 734-629-5997.