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Professional Wildlife Removal Services is here to assist Waterford Michigan and all of the Metro Detroit Area by handling your commercial and residential animal nuisance problem whenever you need us, day or night. From snakes to bats to raccoons, we specialize in wildlife removal, rodent and animal control, and cleanup of messes caused by nuisance critters. We have years of experience in safely and humanely removing rodents and other wildlife from any commercial or residential building and have many happy customers in Waterford, Detroit and other cities here in Southeast Michigan.

We are skilled animal removal technicians and are here to resolve your rodent problem. We are familiar with several species of problem animals and rodents and will tailor our service to your unique circumstances. In addition, we can tell you how the problem started and help you eliminate access as well as specific items in your home or yard that are attracting problem wildlife.

We also help you with:

  • Cleaning up of messes made by nuisance animals
  • Removal of dead animals
  • Removing animals from walls and enclosures
  • Poison-free animal trapping, ensuring animals do not decompose in your walls or attic

Emergency Animal Control Service for Waterford

Our animal removal service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are ready to take your call and deal with any animal nuisance concern you have. Call us today!

The History of Waterford MI

One of the most nicest areas of the state of Michigan is the Waterford Township. It is located northwest of Detroit and southeast of Flint Michigan. It has a population of over 70,000 people and is located in Oakland County. This charter Township has many things to offer. There is quite a bit of history in this area of Michigan. It was established back in the 1800s. The Township began in the 1830s, and has continued to grow since that time. Here is an overview of the history of Waterford MI, a place that you should consider visiting if you are ever in the state of Michigan.

The History Of Waterford Michigan

A person by the name of Oliver Williams founded this location. He decided to purchase several acres. Farm settlements were set up, not too far from Silverlake. This extended to the Dixie Highway and Clinton River. A dam was built, and people began to come to this location. It has grown significantly since that time. There are many things that you can do once you get to the Waterford Township that you may want to consider doing while you are there.

Things To Do In Waterford Township

There are quite a few things to do such as visit Pontiac Lake Recreation Area. There is also the Waterford Oaks Waterpark. Both of these places have excellent reviews and are ideal for small families. If you haven’t been there before, and if you are there during the summer, these are beautiful places to see. They also have Magnum Helicopters, and you can head over to visit the Waterford Historic Village. Sweetwater Bar Cooley is another great place to go. Depending upon when you travel, you can often get great deals on the hotels that are in the area.

The Demographics Of Waterford Michigan

In this area of Michigan, the vast majority of people are white. There are small numbers of Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asians. There are over 30,000 households which consist of about 50% married couples, with nearly 1/3 of them having children that are 18 or under. There are plenty of jobs in the area that you could consider choosing. However, if you are just visiting, you can simply go to the areas where tourists tend to go. You can also had down into Detroit if you haven’t been there before, one of the most iconic cities in the state of Michigan.

For those that have never been to water for Michigan before, you now know the history of this location. It has been attracting people for decades. Whether you are just visiting, or if you decide to move there, there will always be activities that you can do. Although this began as a very small community, the growth of the state of Michigan has contributed to its large population. If you happen to be passing through Flint on your way to Detroit, you certainly should consider stopping by Waterford Michigan for at least a couple of days.