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Professional Wildlife Removal Services is a short distance from Birmingham and is ready to make the journey to resolve your rodent control concerns at your home or office. Unwanted wildlife is an issue in Birmingham and attempting removal by yourself can be a dangerous adventure. Let the Birmingham wildlife control expert technicians handle your animal removal needs, safely and humanely.

From raccoons to skunks to dead animals (and so much more) we specialize in ridding your home of unwanted wildlife and eliminating all remnants left behind in the area they have occupied. We have years of experience in removing unwelcomed rodents from homes and offices and have many satisfied customers in and near Birmingham as well as throughout Southeast Michigan.

We are experienced animal removal experts and are here to resolve your wildlife control problem. We are familiar with various types of problem animals and rodents and will tailor our service to your specific needs.

When your business or home is having problems with raccoons or other animals you need to know about places to turn to for help. There are many businesses that can handle animal control/removal for you. If you have a raccoon problem, it is best to start thinking of removal as raccoons can do damage to your home as well as carrying diseases.

When you start noticing disturbances, perhaps around your trash cans or in the backyard, the chances are good a raccoon or another pest has moved into the area. Perhaps you are hearing noises in the house or in the chimney. Getting rid of these pests fast is the most important thing you can do and start early is essential. If raccoons begin to make their way into your home it will be much more difficult to remove them. In many cases, raccoons will enter ones attic for shelter. Once that happens removal will become much more difficult.

You can have an animal control technician to visit your home and assess the situation for you. A proper inspection constitutes of searching for entry points into your home and determining the best course of action. With their help, you will know what kind of problem you are dealing with. They will then advise you of what needs to be done to clear up the problem. This might just involve trapping and removal or it might require laying several traps, removing raccoons, sealing entry points and may even involve removing raccoon babies. Of course, the costs can range depending on how many stages the process will require.

Choosing a service to do this will be a very important decision. Many towns have a wildlife service for certain animals and just need to be called. A person will be sent to handle the pest for you. This is dependent in many cases on the hours and the type of animal, or the availability of the person that does removals.

Other people you know have had issues of this sort. Talk to them and see what they did to rid themselves of their raccoons. Find out if they used a professional pest company or the local wildlife control person. There are many businesses that can do this efficiently and for a reasonable cost.

Regardless of the pest you are having problems with, dealing with it effectively is best left to professionals. Finding a company on the internet will not only tell you all about the dangers, it will also tell you how to get rid of them. And with this solution, you will also learn how to prevent their presence again.

Emergency Animal Control in Birmingham

Your animal control problem generally does not wait for a time that is convenient for you. We are available to respond any time – 24 hours a day. Contact us at (248)306-9169 right away.