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Having wildlife coming into our houses can be a real headache. Raccoons and bats are the biggest nuisance. Raccoons mating season is usually during the winter period of between January to March. The female raccoon then looks for a safe haven to bear her young, which then are the most troublesome during the spring period. This safe haven is most often the areas around the home such as the attic, chimneys, drains and barns.

Bats and raccoons are nocturnal animals therefore disturb the peace at night. Some of the problems that raccoons cause include; shedding winter fur, which is hard to remove, Strewing trash all over the yard, eating your chicken and uprooting your plants.
Bats invade your houses’ chimneys and attics. They cause an odor from their droppings and also swarming around houses. People have superstitious beliefs about bats and do not want them around. This is why we offer you quality wildlife control services to curb this nuisance.

Do you hear strange noises coming from your attic at night and not know what kind of animal it is. We do home inspections to identify the animal problem and determine the extent of the problem. we locate all the possible points of entry.


We provide very good traps. These are humane traps that are designed not to killing them. If you are experiencing animal problems, give us a call today and your problem will be sorted within no time.

Home repairs

Raccoons have very strong teeth and can chew their way into the house/attic. We offer roof and wall repair services for your houses.

Waste removal

Another reason why wildlife control in our homes is quite important is because some of these animals such as bats and raccoons have droppings which are very toxic and can carry disease parasites. Therefore removal of this waste without proper gear can be very dangerous. We offer home cleaning services to make your home a disease free area by decontaminating and deodorizing.

For all wildlife control concerns call us today. We are always here for you.

Emergency Animal Control Services

Your pest control service problems generally does not wait for a convenient time to affect your family’s life. We are available to respond quickly, no matter what time, day or night. Give us a call at (248) 306-9169