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Farmington, MI – Are there noises in your attic making you question if you need some professional wildlife help? Meeting raccoons in your attic is a real nightmare. Not only, this animal will cause damages but you can get diseases. Keep in mind that raccoons are strong to tear off attic vents and tear apart attic fans for easy entry. Raccoons enjoy living in attics and under stoops and decks. Additionally, a raccoon’s favorite place to enter homes is through soffits and attic fans. Wildlife can be a bad experience when it becomes a real problem. Squirrel, skunk, raccoons running around your attic or bat flying in your roof line? We know how to get rid of the animal problem fast.

Bat Removal

Have a colony of bats in your attic? Invasion of bats always means serious problem because they can enter a home from cracks which are a big enough for a match book to slip inside. Bag carry mites called bat bugs can infest your home and you can have a colony of bats in your attic. Bat guano is toxic to breathe and you can cause lung disease. The dropping has spores which can also cause histoplasmosis if inhaled. However, mind that bats are federally protected by low and it is not legal to harm or to kill them. Bat young need to wean from the mother bat. That is the reason bat removal can be illegal until the baby bats are young enough. Besides, bats are typically removed using a bat excluder. This latter is a device placed over their entry point which allows them to fly out but not enter.

Raccoon Control

Are raccoons tearing up your attic and making a ton of noise at night? Not only hearing this noise will disturb your night but raccoons will damage your materials. Raccoons have 3 to 6 young and can tear right through a brand new roof. Raccoons will destroy attic insulation in a matter of days. Additionally, bird feeders are very attractive to raccoons and they will into your attic or under a concrete stoop to be close to the food source. Another reason to make raccoon harmful is a parasite that raccoon feces has. This parasite is called raccoon roundworm that is very harmful to pets and humans. It causes blindness before death. The eggs of these parasites can lay dormant for years and can only be destroyed by fire.

Emergency 27/7 Wildlife Service

Have skunks moved in making it almost unbearable to breathe at home? Skunks digging under your stoop or skunk proofing of deck is a real problem. Mind that Skunks can cause havoc at home. Dead birds are found also with this nesting material. Looking for professional wildlife help to get rid of the nuisance animals? If you are tired of having animals in your home call us today because we know to get rid of animal problems fast. Need a wildlife control technician to come handle an animal issue? Squirrel removal or control and skunk removal or control is among our service. Notice the use of us and we communicate that we are talking about what we offer. We can offer attic clean out service covered by insurance. Our wildlife control technicians are available 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week.