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Oxford, Michigan – Are you having trouble with wildlife in your home? Do you hear noises in the attic or behind the stoop, or have you spotted entry spots on your roof? Raccoons rattling in your attic, bats flying in and out, skunks making the air smell horrible, or a frantic animal that can’t find its way out, wildlife can bring a lot of issues to your home. If that’s your case, we offer the best wildlife removal services to help you recover the peace around your house. We will offer the most careful and humane animal removal and relocation, dead animal disposal, detailed cleaning of previously invaded rooms, emergency animal removal and other wildlife related services with the highest professionalism and the best levels of expertise.

Raccoon Removal Service

Can you hear lots of noise coming from your attic at night? Have you spotted raccoons climbing up your roof? Raccoons are very smart and resourceful creatures, and they can bite through wood, plastic, plaster, drywall and even metal. Once they find an entry spot to an attic, raccoons will make the place their home. Although these animals are very interesting to watch, they can carry rabies and other diseases, and their feces carry bacteria that is hazardous to humans.

Most raccoons are able to learn their way around traps and deterrents, so expertize and effective methods are needed to deal with this issue. Catching the raccoons in a humane and effective way is the first part of the process. Then the animals need to be relocated in their habitats. Next, your attic is to be cleaned from feces and other hazardous residues. This is covered by insurance. The last step is to seal any possible entry points to prevent any further issues.

Bat Removal Service

Have you spotted bats flying around your house? Have you found guano around or inside the premises? Is that’s the case, waste no time. We can definitively help you. Bat removal is a meticulous task. Bats are protected by law and hunt them is illegal. The law also states that bats cannot be removed during their maternity period, usually between April and August. This doesn’t mean you have to wait. There are several techniques our service provides to keep the bats out of living areas and to prepare the bat removal process. When the actual eviction comes, we will be ready to free your attic from every single bat. One-way accesses will be installed on the entry points, so the bats will be able to get out, but not to get back in. the last part of the process is guano cleaning and disinfection. This is done by working in conjunction with your insurance company.

Animal Removal Service

Skunks are always a terrible problem. They invade your stoops and decks, dig holes all around and destroy gardens, and the worst thing, they live a terrible smell that is very hard to get rid of. Squirrels can enter a house through the smallest point of access and make their home the most difficult to access spots. A big population of birds living over or inside the roof can be a big risk for the structural integrity of your house. We have professionals with the best techniques and equipment to deal with each of these invasion issues, as well as other, more uncommon cases.

If you have any of those issues, just get in touch with us. We will get rid of your wildlife issue in a humane and proper manner, and we will make sure the animals won’t come back. We will handle the removal, cleaning, repairs and prevention methods necessary to give your house the wildlife-free peace and security it deserves.