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Washington, MI – Have you woken up at night only to find a raccoon in the kitchen eating your snacks or are you troubled with bats that have invaded your garage storage and keep making noises and leaving a mess? Such wildlife presents a nuisance in most homes costing home owners numerous damages and costs. We are a dedicated team of professionals handling all sorts of wildlife removal services including bat removal and raccoon removal. These services range from nest removals, trapping raccoons, removing bats including dead ones, cleaning messed areas as well as clean out and restoration. Our services are done most humanely and offer a guarantee to our clients.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are among the most annoying wildlife invading most homes. You will find them in the attic, chimneys or the garage displaying their bandit mask shaped features. They are quite a handful since they are intelligent solving animals able to climb quickly, swim, open latches and turn door knobs. That said, they are destructive animals, they destroy house wiring, destroy gardens and much more. Raccoon excretions are toxic and contain parasites harmful to humans. Our services offer remedies to raccoon related problems and provide solutions to the prevention of future raccoon entry. Guarantee to clients is our priority, and we strive for maximum results against raccoons.

Bat Control

Has your attic, belfry or chimney been infested with scratchy or noisy bats, leaving behind a trail of excretes and urine? Worry no more. Our experience over the years has enabled us to build up effective ways and techniques to deal with bats. Bats can be annoying flying in and out the house and are known to cause diseases such as rabies and histoplasmosis and thus important to get rid of them through our services. We identify entry points and conceal them permanently to avoid future infestations. Also this services, we offer attic insulation for destroyed areas, and you needn’t worry about extra charges as we work with your preferred insurance company to cover such costs.

Wildlife Removal Services

In addition to these services, we offer more animal removal services including skunks, opossums, squirrels, and birds. Squirrels in particular cause havoc in homes leaving behind holes in gardens chew on garden shrubs and trees and bird houses. In some instances, they will chew on live wires killing them instantly and leave a foul smell. Skunks are known to cause distemper, tularemia, and rabies in pets and humans. They also spray up harmful secretion as a defensive mechanism to humans if they feel threatened. Other destructive wildlife animals display similar damages, and therefore our services are essential to households experiencing such problems. We will identify any other forms of pests in homes and eliminate them, for dead animals in tight areas; we use various techniques to remove them and disinfects them.

Immediate Full Services Solution

So don’t wait for these animals to disturb your peace and risk your family’s health. Act now by giving us a call for immediate assistance. Offered services include bat removal, raccoon removal, squirrel, opossum, birds and skunk removal, damage repair and prevention of future attacks. Our team is available twenty fours a day and will answer all wildlife removal questions and solutions. Quality work is guaranteed and value for your money.