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Lansing, Michigan – Has wildlife invaded your home? Are raccoons racing in and out of your attic; bats flying around your roof and skunks tunneling your home? Wildlife can stress you out when you have no solution. But we are here to help. We offer wildlife removal services that permanently rid your home of animals. We offer exterminator services, animal trappings, Raccoon removal Squirrel removal, Skunk removal, Bat removal and Emergency 24/7 wildlife removal.

Raccoon Control

Have you heard strange scuttle noises in your attic or chimney? Those are the rushing paws of Raccoons. Raccoons are very popular nocturnal mammals spread across North America. These creatures are brilliant and can enter your roof, yard or chimney running less than a mile every minute.

Raccoons live in the woods, but when they visit your home and manage to access fruits, vegetables, and pet food, they go back and transfer the rest of their family into your home.

Once inside your attic, they scratch it and create patches or hallows. Then they begin to poop toxic feces down into your space which follows with the invasion of a dangerous parasite called Raccoon round worms. This parasite can cause blindness, infections and eventually death to both humans and pets.

To get rid of Raccoons you need us. We use control measures that ultimately eliminate raccoons from returning to your home. And if your roof has been damaged, we work with your home insurer to fix it and have these costs covered.

Bat Control & Removal

Have you started smelling ammonia from your attic? This smell is as a result of accrued bat urine and guano in your attic. This smell is toxic and can lead to lung disease.

Bats come along with bat bugs and typically spoil the attic’s insulation.

But don’t attempt to remove bats by yourself because in many States it is not allowed by law because you might kill them while trying to chase them away which is also illegal. Bats can only be removed during a particular time of the year because ven if you use an excavator, their young ones won’t fly away until they have been weaned.

We know when and how to deal with these mammals that fly in and out, scream and grope your attic.

Also, once we have eliminated them from your home, we use our Attic clean out services covered by insurance to completely restore your home’s attic insulation.

Dead Animal Removal & Animal Control Services

Has your home been invaded by any of the animals North America is blessed with lots of wildlife?

Skunks dig endless holes causing heaps of dirt. Opossums are always confused and always end up in another animal’s cave which causes fights. And then there are the stubborn Squirrels. These bring forth young ones twice a year. They are very playful and will shove away the attic fans and ventilation. You should be able to tell that your home has been invaded by Squirrels once you begin to see sun rays passing through your attic.

If you are facing any wildlife invasions, call us today any time for instant help. Our technicians work around the clock to deal with removals even in the night. We offer trapping solutions, preventative measures, animal relocation, roof and attic repairs, dead animal, and nest removal, etc. We will also clean up your attic, chimney, and any other affected areas.