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Ann Arbor, Michigan – Is your property currently a target of various wildlife in your area? Having your home invaded by wildlife like raccoons, bats, and squirrels is no laughing matter. From bats that could take up residence in your attic or squirrels and raccoons biting, chewing, and wrecking anything in sight and strewing trash all over the place, these animals will certainly pull no punches when it comes to introducing chaos in your life. Not to mention the apparent embarrassment that such scenarios readily entail for any homeowner. When it comes to addressing these issues, we are more than willing to provide our 24/7 wildlife removal services to you.

Bat Control & Remediation

Are bats constantly flying around your roof, or worse, have taken up shelter in your attic? Tell-tale signs that bats are living in your home range from the usual droppings (mostly on windowsills and walls) to fluttering and squeaking noises that can be heard at night. While bats don’t normally chew on structures and objects, their urine and guano (which has been proven to be also toxic) are your main problems when it comes to property damage. After all, these have tendency to soak through anything they end up on, causing them to become less structurally sound. These substances also have a tendency to ruin any insulation your home might have.

Shield Your Property from Raccoons

Is your home getting wrecked by raccoons? If you have an attic, that’s usually the first place that any homeowner should look for any signs of damage in parts of your home that lead there. Raccoons couldn’t care less about destroying structures and objects that they encounter along the way. This is also why attempting to deter them could prove to be futile. Big holes in walls, damaged attic vents, chewed boards and wiring, and torn air ducts are some of the most common structural damage homeowners have to deal with. Like bats, you are not exempt from dealing with raccoon droppings (which can become a haven for a certain parasitic roundworm that can cause blindness) as well; they are especially known for using roofs as their own toilet.

24/7 Emergency Wildlife Removal Services

The services we offer highlight the years of experience and knowledge we have regarding anything that concerns wildlife control. Besides employing various humane capturing and trapping solutions to raccoons that plague your property, we also make sure to offer repair and clean up services so you won’t have to do it yourself anymore. The same applies for the bat removal services we offer. We are well-aware of the capabilities of these animals and their behavior in most homes. This is why we have come up with our own removal solutions and honed them through the years to ensure the complete removal of any wildlife issue homeowners may have and make sure that they don’t return.

For fast and convenient removal of any wildlife presence in your property, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Rest assured that we always make it a point to treat the wildlife with the utmost care as we remove them from any kind of property. Our wildlife control staff are on standby to fulfill any wildlife removal request you make and to render the plethora of services we offer 24/7.

Ann Arbor Wildlife

Ann Arbor is a great place to view wildlife as long as its outside. Once animal get in your home the fun stops. Animals can cause great damage to your home and property. It is wise to removal the animals as soon as possible. Ann Arbor also has a very diverse amount of of wildlife. People who live in Ann Arbor love wildlife and do everything they can to protect. We put our customers first and we understand this concern. Residents in this area should rest assured that the wildlife we trap is taken care of. All animals are relocated in a humane manner.