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If you hear scurrying sounds in your attic, you could have squirrels. They might have cute bushy tails, but they love to chew holes in your eaves and move into your attic once the weather gets cold. They will have babies and they will also return year after year, as they are territorial. You will hear them running across the roof at night and you can also hear them crawling in and out of your roof at night and in the morning. They are not going to go away on their own, so you are going to need a squirrel removal service to get rid of them.

Squirrels look adorable and you might be tempted to leave them alone, but once they move into your home you are going to need to get rid of them because they are going to damage your home. They have sharp claws and they also have sharp teeth that need constant sharpening. You will often hear them chewing at the eaves in the attic.

Squirrels can chew into the walls, leave holes in your eaves, and chew on wiring and insulation. They could even start a fire if they chew into the wrong wiring. They will also invade your yard and dig holes in the yard. They also eat the bark off your trees. They will eat your garden and give your yard a messy look.

A squirrel removal service will safely remove the squirrels from the yard and they will seal up the areas where the squirrels have chewed into your roof. It can be difficult trying to remove the squirrels on your own and it can even be dangerous. There are some things that you can do on your own to get rid of the squirrels.

You want your yard to be inhospitable to squirrels. This might mean cutting down trees or keeping them cut back far away from the house so they can’t climb the trees and jump onto your roof. You also want to seal up any points of entry to your home. If you have thick vegetation, you are going to want to cut it back so you don’t have to worry about the squirrels hiding.

If you still have squirrels that you can’t get rid of, you will need to have the removal service trap the squirrels and remove them. They can seal the entry points and you won’t have to worry about them again. Squirrels can damage your home and it can be disturbing having to listen to them moving around in your house.

You don’t want to have to deal with squirrels chewing up your home so you need a good squirrel removal company to come in and get rid of the squirrels so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. No one wants to deal with squirrels running around in their home, so you need to have them removed before they cause even more damage to your house.

Interesting Information About Squirrel Teeth

Squirrels are classified as tree animals that are small with bushy tails and very sharp teeth. They are intelligent, alert and very fast. When finding information about squirrel teeth, you will find that their teeth carry on growing throughout their lives. The incisors are mainly used to crack nuts or to chew through bark or other things in order to find food. Squirrels will sharpen their teeth by gnawing on rocks or wires.

Trimming A Squirrels Teeth

If you have rescued a squirrel that has overgrown teeth, there is a way to trim down their teeth without the need for anesthesia and a couple of home tools. Their teeth are similar to nails or human hair and are free from nerves which means there is no discomfort or pain when trimming the squirrel’s teeth in the correct way. However, this type of procedure should be left to a vet or wildlife rehabilitator.

Tools Used To Trim A Squirrels Teeth

There are different tools used dependent on the situation. Strong cuticle-clippers or finger-nail nippers can be used on baby squirrels, while the adult teeth of a squirrel can easily be cut with either pointed wire-cutters, bone cutters, straight-edged and strong toe-nail nippers. The tools should be sharp to reduce the chance of jagged edges, chips and fractures. The technique is to snap the tooth opposed to cutting or trimming the teeth.

Trimming The Teeth

The adult California Ground and Fox squirrels should have upper incisors that are exposed 1/8 to 3/16 of an-inch just below the animal’s gum line. Their lower teeth are usually exposed ½ to ¾ inches just above the animal’s gum line. For the younger squirrels that have smaller teeth, it is best to trim 2 teeth at once so that it is easier to get the instrument for trimming around the squirrel’s teeth. A cuticle trimmer is usually advisable for the younger squirrels because it is easier to get the tool between the teeth.

Information About Squirrel Teeth And Malocclusions

In some cases, a squirrel can break or lose a tooth, which generally causes the other teeth to become overgrown. In these cases, trimming is required to get the teeth back into the normal shape. There is a possibility that a squirrel is able to lose a tooth permanently. This is usually caused from aggressive or traumatic trimming or dental trauma, an infection or accident. If the tooth fails to grow back after a period of 6 to 8 weeks, the animals root cells have been damaged which means the tooth will never grow back. In the case of a lost tooth, it is advisable to take out the other tooth that opposes the missing one.

In some cases, malocclusions are caused by cleft palates that cause misaligned or deformed tooth growth. Malocclusion’s are also caused from head injuries, broken jaws or malaligned teeth. Poor nutrition is another leading cause of poor dental and bone growth that often results in deformities as the animal gets older.