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Wildlife Problem?

So you’ve been struggling to get rid of unexpected guests in your home. It can be frustrating to hear scratches and bumps from the attic in the middle of the night. A professional wildlife removal company is the surest and safest way to get rid of your furry friends.

Though it may not seem apparent immediately, the invasion of wildlife into your home can pose a major threat to all involved. The different animals should be handled carefully to protect both the homeowner and themselves.


 Humane Capture


Whether its bats or raccoons living in your attic, it’s vital to use the most appropriate and humane traps to capture them. Every animal trapping is unique and each requires unique strategies. The different species require different kinds of baits to lure them out.


At all times, it is essential to perform live catching so the animals can be relocated. The traps used should be big enough to accommodate the unwanted guest. Wildlife laws are set in place to protect the wildlife and using small cages can be considered animal cruelty.


Exclusion Work


One of the most effective ways of wildlife removal is the closing of all access points to the house. Even if you get rid of one raccoon but don’t get proper exclusion work done, another raccoon will be attracted by the scent of the previous occupier and come set up shop in your house.


As a wildlife removal company, we provide effective exclusion work that stops any old or new wildlife from accessing your home. A detailed survey is done on your home to determine all points of entry. Then, using concrete and metal materials, we seal all these potential entry points thus preventing further access.


Though the wild animal is gone, the danger they pose isn’t. During the wild animal’s residency, they cause significant damage by urinating, defecating and giving birth. Thus, they contaminate your home with bacteria, insects, and disease.


We offer thorough antimicrobial treatment and dropping clean up which we carry out as soon as possible. This will protect your family from the dangers caused by the animal leavings.


Attic and Insulation Repair


Getting rid of the animal is only the first part of the solution. Raccoons and bats can cause considerable damage to your attic and your insulation due to their chewing of cables and getting into walls. We assess this immediately the rodents are removed and begin repairs


The areas affected should be cleaned using antimicrobial treatment to get rid of any health risks. We provide professional attic and insulation restoration using quality products that cannot be easily chewed by rodents.


Call us today for fast and professional wildlife removal services.


Emergency Animal Control Services


Your pest control service problems generally does not wait for a convenient time to affect your family’s life. We are available to respond quickly, no matter what time, day or night. Give us a call at (248) 306-9169


Animal story about a customer in Detroit


We went to a customer’s house in Detroit, MI that had a bat problem in their attic. They called us initially with noises in their attic. We arrived at their house and gave them a full house inspection. After going in the attic it was very apparent they had a bat problem. There were the usual signs of a bat infestation, bat droppings, tunneling in the insulation, and bats hanging from the rafters. We were able to pin point the areas they were living and where they were entering from. Once the inspection was done we were able to give them a price to remove the bats, seal entry points, cleanup the droppings, and disinfect the area. Our prices can range greatly depending on what is needed and are determined on a case by case basis. This particular house did not have a very big problem so it was not that expensive. The customer also asked to see our license and insurance information which we happily showed them. We advise all of our customers to check wildlife removal companies license and insurance info. After providing the quote and explaining the process the customer set up and appointment for later in the week to get the process started. Since then we got rid of all the bats, sealed the entry points, cleaned up the droppings, and disinfected the whole attic. This customer can sleep easy at night knowing the problem is taken care of and all of our work is guaranteed and warrantied.


History of Detroit


Detroit is called the motor city because it is where the auto industry was born. It’s car industry is one of the biggest in the world. There are many car companies that are based in Detroit like Ford, Chrysler, and G.M. They are a major part of the middle class work force and are the backbone of Michigan. We have survived many hardships but have always bounced back. I remember growing up going to school in Detroit we were always taught about the history of Detroit. There are also some very popular musicians that originated in the Detroit area. Motown music, one of the most popular music labels was founded in Detroit. People often forget that jazz music is very popular in the metro Detroit area as well. Wherever you live you almost always have a piece of Detroit with you.


Wildlife Removal Tips


Wildlife removal should never be done by a homeowner without any nuisance animal training. It can be a very dangerous thing to try and removal animal from your home. That said if you are going to try to do it yourself anyway here a few useful tips. Always be respectful to any animal and treat them in a humane manor. Just because a animal is in your house or on your property does not mean you have to be cruel to the animals. All trapping can be done humanely. Always use gloves and a respirator when dealing with wild animals because they can carry a ton of different diseases. Live traps can be purchased online or even in some big box stores. Good baits to use are seeds, nuts, peanut butter, and cat food. Put the trap in the right spot and bait it properly and you should have an animal in a day or two. Put the trap in the wrong spot and bait it improperly and you will get nothing. If you need anymore assistance give us a call. (248) 306-9169